We make impact
and drive change.

exaqueo is a full-service employer brand consulting firm. We transform how our clients attract and retain talent to perform, engage, and thrive in their organization.

Our Difference

All organizations have the opportunity to attract and retain talent. Our job is to help set you apart. If you’re authentic about your employment experience, you won’t have any competition. We build employer brands and the talent strategies that drive our clients through research, consulting, and creative and digital marketing.

Grounded in Research

We ground our work in research and then take a strategic, consumer-based approach.

  • Proprietary research models
  • Rooted in social psychology
  • Consumer marketing best practices
Motivated to Serve

Created exaqueo as the partner we wanted in house.

  • Consulting firm, not accounts
  • Exceptional service, end to end
  • Strategic, impactful, and gets results
Powered by Experience

Been in your shoes, and worked with Global F500.

  • Extensive in-house global experience
  • Understand the politics of change
  • Experienced in impact and ROI
Driven by Strategy

We’re employer brand, elevated.

  • Pioneering methodologies
  • Smart and agile
  • Detailed project management

Our Services

We offer end-to-end employer brand and marketing to create impactful candidate and employee experiences.
Our services include research, strategy, development, creative, digital, social, and production:

Employer Brand Strategy

  • Market Analyses and Assessments
  • Competitive Analyses
  • Employer Value Proposition (EVP) Strategy
  • Business Case Development
  • Employer Brand Architecture

Market Research

  • Candidate and Employee Research:
    -  Focus Groups
    -  Survey and Data Collection
    -  Interviews and 1:1 Assessments
  • Ethnography and Observation
  • Candidate Experience Analysis/Assessment
  • Source of Influence Research and Analysis

Position + Messaging

  • Brand Reputation Audit
  • SEO/SEM Analysis
  • Content Audit/ Analysis
  • A/B Ad Testing and Audience Testing

Hiring Strategy

  • Targeted Hiring Innovation
  • Diversity Recruiting Strategy
  • Recruiter Brand Training
  • University/College Recruiting Strategy
  • Employee Referral Programs and Campaigns
  • Key Talent Profile Development
  • Persona Research and Development

Experience Strategy

  • Candidate Experience Strategy
  • Retention Program Development
  • Employment Experience Innovation
  • Retention Campaigns

Employer Brand Activation + Planning

  • Employer Brand Guidelines
  • Employer Brand Launch/Activation Strategy
  • Employer Brand Pull-through Recommendations
  • Consumer/Employer Brand Alignment

Employer Brand Communication + PR

  • Media Strategy
  • PR Strategy and Recommendations
  • Internal Communications

Advertising + Creative

  • Employer Brand Creative Concept Development
  • Digital, Social, and Print Asset Development
  • Recruitment Marketing Campaign Creative
  • Physical, Out-of-Home, and Experiential Advertising
  • Advertising Campaign Strategy and Creative
  • Advertising Placement Strategy
  • Creative Asset Toolkits
  • Copy Editing, Writing, and Content Development
  • Executive and Careers Blog Strategy and Writing
  • Creative Development and Art Direction

Digital + Social Execution

  • Application Development
  • Graphic Design and Animation
  • SEO/SEM Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Careers Site Audit and Assessment
  • Careers Site Development and Hosting
  • Careers Website and Landing Page Content


  • Full-service photography
  • Full-service videography and film (Virtual and On-site)
  • Post-production

Candidate Experience Resources

Building Your Strategy

Every organization should have a true understand of the candidate experience journey from the candidate's perspective, and a strategic plan to bring the best experience to life.

Candidate Experience Chart

For more information on the model and how to use it:

  • Download the white paper for an in-depth look at building your strategy
  • Present the Candidate Experience Model to your colleagues

Understanding Candidate Experience

New to candidate experience in your organization? Start here:

Expand Your Thinking 

Ready to take your strategy to the next level? These resources can help:

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