Genna Keith

Accounting Manager
Charleston, SC, USA
Genna is the accounting contact for exaqueo and works closely with the talented exaqueo team to ensure our clients are invoiced correctly and in a timely manner. She handles the day-to-day accounting needs and prepares the monthly financials.
Get to Know Genna

I love working with children and seeing how their minds work. Well, at least that’s what younger me would have said. Upon entering college, I took a 180-degree turn and joined the college of business where I fell in love with accounting. When most people ask what I do, I usually get the same response... “Oh, you must like math and numbers.” And I do! There’s so much more to accounting than numbers, though. You get to solve problems and put all of these pieces of a puzzle together (picture a corkboard with red string tracing one thing to another, like what you see in crime documentaries …except we use excel and there isn’t any crime). When I am not looking at numbers, I am either pumping iron or soaking in the sun on Folly Beach!


BBA, concentration in Accounting

Industry Experience
My First Paycheck

Aside from many babysitting gigs growing up, my first paycheck was from the YMCA! …where I also was a childcare provider.

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