Talent and HR News Weekly Roundup: The Benefits of Employee Training

We hear about the need for training time and time again when working with growing companies. Oftentimes, the company starts out in a "figure it out" mode. As you scale, and add new employees, this mentality is less dependable to ensure high quality for your customers or clients. In this week's Talent and HR News Weekly Roundup, we share some recent articles on the benefits of employee training. 

1) 3 Tips for New Employee Orientation at Small Businesses from Blogging 4 Jobs

"Orientation is not just a way to teach new hires about policies and rules. It helps them understand the company’s vision and culture and gives them an opportunity to ask questions—these things are important regardless of the size of your business. Just because you may only have a handful of new hires per year, it does not mean you should skip orientation. Here are a few tips for how you can hold new employee orientation at your small business."

2) Employee Training from Training Today

"Employee training is essential for an organization’s success. Despite the importance of training, a trainer can encounter resistance from both employees and managers. Both groups may claim that training is taking them away from their work. However, a trainer can combat this by demonstrating that training is actually a crucial part of employees’ and managers’ work."

3) Implementing an Effective Tech Training Program from Ratchet + Wrench

"At the core of every successful auto repair business is one simple, obvious similarity—one aspect of operations that can never be overlooked: quality repairs. That’s the bottom-line, price-of-admission expectation from customers in an increasingly competitive industry, Lois Schulte says. 'Repairs have to be accurate, correct and on time, or else nothing else you do matters,' says Schulte, the general manager of a seven-shop repair group in the Springfield, Mo., area that operates under two brands, Seeburg Muffler & Brake and A-1 Custom Muffler & Brake. 'You can overcome a lot of things, but that’s one thing that you can’t,' she adds. It’s a lot easier said than done, though, as proper, consistent repairs require the proper tooling, equipment and training to keep up with ever-evolving vehicles."

4) Developing an Effective Employee Training Program from Chron

"Developing an effective employee training program is vital to the long-term success of any business. Training programs provide multiple benefits for employees and the company, but only if they are carefully planned and properly implemented. Clear understanding of policies, job functions, goals and company philosophy lead to increased motivation, morale and productivity for employees, and higher profits for your business. Training is a means to a specific end, so keeping goals in mind during the development and implementation stages of your training program will assist in creating a clearly defined and effective program."

5) Reinforcing your Training Programs with a Mobile Solution from HR.com

"As an employer or leader in your organization, are you committed to helping your employees become engaged, better performers and motivated each and every day? Imagine having a personal coach each and every day to help motivate, inspire, guide and direct you to exceed your potential at work and at home. HR.com is proud to launch the Personal Excellence App that helps you and your employees 'Exceed your potential'. The App introduces users to positive, constructive leadership concepts that will help clearly define their goals, improve performance at home and at work, and enhance their inner self."

6) Engaging Employees & the Importance of Employee Training from HR Web Cafe

"Brian Benton writes about importance of training employees, offering 6 reasons why training saves you money. The article links to a story about Deloitte and their commitment employee skills development.In addition to building the workforce of the future, training is also critical to job satisfaction and employee engagement. This infographic from Benchmark Learning tells the story - it is based on interview with 1,400 IT Professionals. You can see the original here: Employee Engagement: How Skill Proficiency & Training Affect Your Workforce."

7) 2014 Top 20 Leadership Training Companies List from Training Industry

"As part of its commitment to continuously monitor the training marketplace for the best providers and services, TrainingIndustry.com has released its 2014 Top 20 Leadership Training Companies List. Selection of the Top 20 Leadership Training Companies was based on the following criteria: Thought leadership and influence, Industry recognition and innovation, Breadth of programs and range of audiences served, Delivery methods offered, Company size and growth potential, Strength of clients, Geographic reach, and Experience serving the market."

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