Talent and HR News Weekly Update: Getting - and Keeping - the Right Employees

Attracting new employees is hard enough. It's a huge investment, and you could spend months or even years trying to find that diamond in the rough. Now that you found that diamond, it doesn't end there. Retaining the right employees is a whole other beast. This week's Talent and HR News Weekly update features the latest thinking around getting - and keeping - the right employees. 

1) So You've Hired Someone Great--Now What? from Inc.

"Over a recent breakfast meeting, a colleague, Marisa, was discussing her company's challenges in integrating newly hired people into their culture. She went on to describe candidates who aced every round of interviews and had buy-in from all levels of the company. In her opinion, such high-performers should successfully and seamlessly integrate into the organization's culture without assistance. She was perplexed why some of her new hires hadn't lived up to her expectations--failing to assimilate or just not turning out to be the motivated personalities she saw in the interviews."

2) When to Start Employee Retention - Employee Retention Starts at the First Interview from About.com

"Every employee you bring into your organization is an investment in the future. If you want to ensure you are making the best investments, the kind that will have long-term potential, you need to start with focused hiring of employees who can match your core company values and grow within their positions. A little extra effort and consideration expended during the recruitment process can go a long way in forging lasting employment relationships."

3) Keep Your Best: Retention Tips - Retention in an Improving Job Mark from About.com

"A recent Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) press release revealed the answer to the question of what people plan to do when the job market rebounds. The majority of the Human Resource (HR) professionals and managers surveyed agreed that turnover will rise significantly once the job market improves. Both groups felt that the job market will improve within the next year, according to the latest Job Recovery Survey. The survey is produced by SHRM and CareerJournal.com, the free, executive career site of The Wall Street Journal, two of my personal favorite sites. The survey results include responses from 451 HR professionals and 300 managerial or executive employees."

4) Keeping Talent Can Be Key To Success In M&A Deals from Forbes

"For as long as anybody cares to remember there have been studies warning of the perils of mergers and acquisitions. Yet the appetite for deals on the part of companies the world over shows no signs of being satisfied. Indeed, the third quarter of this year has been the busiest period for M&A activity since before the financial crisis. In what could be seen as an example of Oscar Wilde’s reported adage on marriage – “the triumph of imagination over intelligence” – corporate leaders seem to be much more focused on expanding this way than by, say, developing their core businesses or creating new markets. Of course, in the low-growth world to which we are all having to become accustomed this is understandable. But it is still surprising – given all the negative comment and strong evidence surrounding the long-term success of deals – that there does not seem to be more circumspection."

5) How NetApp Became One of the World's Best Employers from Fortune

"Its secret? The data storage and cloud computing company favors specialized, individual recognition over material perks. NetApp CEO Tom Georgens has a rule: when one of his employees hits a rough patch, he wants to know. The reason: Georgens wants to make sure every possible resource is available to his employees when they need it the most. Such was the case earlier this year. An employee’s young child suffered from a rare brain tumor and needed surgery. But the operation itself required the collaboration of specialists from around the world working together in real-time — a task that called for huge amounts of diagnostic information stored and transferred at the fastest possible speeds. In the end, NetApp lent its vast data storage services free of charge to help make the operation successful."

6) Clear Career Paths Keep Employees from Heading for the Hills from Business News Daily

"Businesses risk losing their top employees if they don't do a good job of helping them see where their careers are headed, new research finds. Career management programs are failing to help employees understand advancement opportunities and chart career roadmaps with their current employer, according to a study from professional services company Towers Watson. Specifically, just 46 percent of all employees said their employer provides beneficial career planning tools, while only 42 percent of workers think their organization offers quality advancement opportunities."

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