Talent and HR News Weekly Roundup: Best of HR Technology

This week we're taking a look back at "Best of HR Technology" from our Talent and HR News Weekly Roundups in 2014. Take a look below to see some highlights in this area from the past year: 

1) The 5 Factors of Social-Media Marketing Most People Don't Consider from Entrepreneur 

"This has long been a question brands have tried to definitely answer. It has been brought to the fore of late by a recent Gallup poll, the report from which states, "A clear majority of Americans say social media have no effect at all on their purchasing decisions." That may make it sound like social media marketing has little benefit, but the report's cursory dismissal doesn't take into account several other factors."

2) Why You Should Use LinkedIn More Often from Kaye/Bassman Blog

"LinkedIn is among the best career websites and tools for searching for a job that are out there. LinkedIn is also a rapidly growing social media platform on which users are connected with each other. You probably have a profile, but how much do you use this website? Chances are not that much. We present you some reasons for spending more time on LinkedIn. Only 50.5% of LinkedIn users have completed their profiles."

3) The Hot HR Technology Trends Of 2014 from Forbes

"The Information Services Group III, a leading technology insights, market intelligence and advisory services company, recently conducted the ‘Industry Trends in Human Resources Technology and Service Delivery Survey’. Released in February 2014, the survey presents findings, which, while not surprising, should be top of mind for leaders and talent managers everywhere. The survey points to three benefits companies expect to realize from investments in HR tech (quoting from the report): an improved user and candidate experience, access to ongoing innovation and best practices to support the business, and speed of implementation to increase the value of technology to the organization."

4) How to Source Tech Talent in 5 Easy Steps from Undercover Recruiter

"Candidates can be easy to find, but you have to be willing to take part in the communities where they can be found. Places such as Github and Stack Overflow are good places to start, and can be extremely useful to SEE what candidates can do, instead of just reading about their potential. If you know where to look, and how to find people, you can find them – but make sure you build up a name for yourself first."

5) Double Your Talent Acquisition: Five Do's and Don'ts For Technical Recruiters from Nathan LeClare

"Like it or not, there are a lot of companies competing for technical talent right now and it’s hard to differentiate yourself. But you may be making mistakes that could be avoided, and overlooking things that could be used to help improve your conversion rate. How would you like to source more talent, make your clients and recruits happier, and generally recruit like a boss?"

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