Talent and HR News Weekly Roundup: Leadership Insights

Anyone can demonstrate leadership qualities, regardless of your level. You don't need to be CEO of a company to demonstrate leadership. Below are some of the latest articles sharing thoughts on leadership and improving your skills in this area. 

1) Leader, Know Yourself from Lead Change Group

"Servant leadership is not easy to do in today’s dog-eat-dog, me-first business environment. Yet we’ve all had great bosses that embraced their role to help team members succeed, to feel good about their contributions, and to feel trusted and respected in their workplace. In fact, when working for a boss that cares and serves, employees’ engagement increases, production increases, and service to customers increases."

2) 7 Habits Of Highly Inept Leaders from Lead Change Group

"John’s voice shook as he shared his latest third party encounter with his bosses’ boss. 'Apparently I was caught yawning during her presentation. I didn’t even realize I had. The irony is that I was really into what she was saying. This had nothing to do with her. But apparently she gave my boss quite an earful about my behavior. She didn’t even tell me directly so I could explain. How can I let her know this is not about her? I feel just awful. It’s just that I’ve been travelling so much for work, and I haven’t been feeling well.' 'Get some rest, keep doing a great job, and let it go.' I replied. This is not about you."

3) 5 Ways Smart Leaders Overcome Their Greatest Weaknesses from Inc.

"What are your biggest weaknesses? We all have them, but as successful people, we've trained ourselves to look away from them. We focus on our strengths. We conceal or work around our weak spots. We admit to as few personal failings as we can. That's the usual path to success. But while writing a column about the core skills of entrepreneurship, I came across this piece of advice: Know your own weaknesses. The more I've thought about it since, the more I've come think how wise that is. Our strengths help us get where we're going, but if we don't fully understand and account for our own weaknesses, we won't be able to sustain success over the long term."

4) 5 Lessons a Boss Should Learn From Employees from Entrepreneur

"Being a manager isn’t easy. Often, employers are removed from employees -- it’s the nature of the relationship. Despite the distance often built into the system, employers are responsible for teaching and growing their people. While this is true and it’s always good practice for leaders to teach those working under them, there are things management can learn from their employees, as well." 

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