Talent and HR News Weekly Roundup: Why Focusing on Your Employees Will Make You a Better Recruiter

Being a recruiter is a balancing act. You're juggling so many different things at once and have a lot of different people to please. It's sometimes easy to lose sight of what it's all about - the employees.

Here are a few recent articles that explain why focusing on your employees will make you a better recruiter for this week's talent and HR news weekly roundup.

1) It Takes Talent To Become A Top Recruiter from Forbes

"Job seekers these days have few advantages when applying for jobs if they don’t have an inside contact to smooth the path. The best recruiters make it easy to connect and make it possible to forge a working relationship with the brand. A recruiters job is to find top talent, yes, but a big part of that job is defending the brand against bad hires – think of Zappos’ practice of buying out employees who don’t “fit” quickly. And they continue to innovate. Zappos’ is currently doing a great job of spotlighting their recruiters. A brand win, win. This means, as with in-the-trenches HR, a large part of their job is risk management."

2) Offer Your New Hires Training, Not Free Doughnuts from Inc

"A recent survey finds that new employees aren't impressed by perks like free food and gym memberships, but care a lot about orientation programs, useful feedback, and opportunities to contribute quickly. You might be taking the wrong tack when you're trying to sell your company to potential employees and retain those already on board."

3) Where did the 'Human' in Human Resources go? from ZDNet

"Twice in my career, I’ve hired Connie Laughlin. She’s a great HR and Resource Management executive. Interestingly, her last employer has had to downsize and now she’s on the other side of the fence. Instead of hiring others, she’s the one looking for a job. And, she’s noticed something I’ve heard a lot about lately: There’s not a lot of “human” in Human Resources anymore. I checked in with her this weekend and here’s our discussion (note: any emphasis I added)."

4) Recognizing The World's Top 40 Social Marketing Talent from Forbes

"Hiring talent with ‘Klout’ is a double-edged sword. Some employers believe influencers make excellent candidates because they are natural sharers and outspoken community builders that can add a ton of value inside an organization and out. Others are deeply concerned about the risks of hiring influencers.  According to one prominent social sales marketing influencer (who requested anonymity in accordance with his employer’s P.R. policy), some employers are wary of hiring influencers, both because they tend to challenge the status quo and because they may put their personal brand ahead of their employers’ interests. The irony is palatable, and provides an intriguing conundrum for today’s socially-minded brands."

5) Focusing on Your Employees' Focus from Central Penn Business Journal

"I think I've got spring fever. And sports fever. And vacation-coming-up fever. Are those enough distractions for you? Are you distracted by worries that your employees aren’t staying on track? On the long list of things employers worry about – from finding the right employees to finding the right customers, making a profit, legal compliance, staying ahead of the competition, etc. – keeping employees productive day in and day out is right up there. It is one of the top fears that prevents employers from letting staff work from home, for example."

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