Talent and HR News Weekly Roundup: How to Engage and Re-engage Your Employees

We always talk about engagement here at exaqueo. Studies show a correlation between an engaged employee and service, sales, quality, safety, retention, profit and total shareholder returns. So it's not something to be ignored. Yet many companies do. Here is some of the latest thinking on how to engage and re-engage your employees. 

1) The Secret To Re-Engaging Employees: It's You from Forbes

"I recently spent time with two individuals in a unique line of work: Employee Engagement Experts, Ron Hirshfeld and Irit Oz. Together they help organizations achieve the seemingly impossible: turning around employee disengagement. Research claims “disengagement” (burnout, boredom, lateness, lackluster performance and workplace conflict) affects as many as 9 in 10 employees. Turning the equation around saves millions of dollars, to the tune of perhaps as much as $50 million for a company of 500 employees. (As I recently noted, Gallup pegs the cost of lost productivity due to absence, illness and stress-related work problems in excess of $350 billion per year nationwide.)"

2) Employee engagement and its role in corporate sustainability. Five simple steps to start engaging your employees now. from Driven Associates

"Just when you thought you had enough on your leadership plate, reports regarding record levels of employee disengagement are bubbling up all over. According to Gallup, over 23 million U.S. workers are actively disengaged. But what does that really mean to you? In a recent Fast Company article, Mark Crowley reported on the Gallup organization’s annual employee engagement survey. He painted a humorous, but compelling picture of the results, “… imagine a crew team out on the Potomac River where three people are rowing their hearts out, five are taking in the scenery, and two are trying to sink the boat”.  Such a great analogy."

3) Beyond Office Freebies: 7 Learning Perks to Engage Employees from Cornerstone Blog

"Most companies know that employees need more than health insurance and a 401K to stick around these days, so they’re offering everything from unlimited vacation to acupuncture at corporate headquarters to lure top talent. Nurturing employees goes beyond office freebies, though, and employers don’t have to mirror flashy tech start-up perks to offer meaningful opportunities. In a recent study of the relationship between workplace policies and employee engagement and wellbeing, Gallup found that “indulging employees is no substitute for engaging them.” Here are seven unconventional office perks that go beyond free lunch and encourage employees to engage with their company — and each other — through learning."

4) We Are Khorus from The Muse

"Khorus is a software company providing chief executives the answers they need to run successful companies and corporations. Khorus’ business practices are based on proven principles. With a wide range of products, Khrorus gives executives a wide-angle lens to better see the needs and strengths of their staffs—and lead employees who are aligned, engaged, and working in harmony to achieve common goals. A Khorus Welcome - When the Khorus team hires a new employee, its always sure to make a day of it. According to employees, each member of the team is highly valued, and co-workers love to welcome new colleagues with open arms. New hire events have included working out of a coffee shop, going out to boisterous lunches, and touring Fan Fest activities in downtown Austin."

5) Corporate Culture: Come on, Get Happy from Tech Cocktail

"Building a strong corporate culture that is employee-centered and collaborate can have benefits not only to employee satisfaction, but also to your bottom line. We’ve all heard about the legendary employee perks at Google Headquarters? Nap pods, massages, free haircuts, and the list goes on and on. In one sense, it takes a lot less than nap pods to create a strong corporate culture. In another sense, it takes a lot more. But once you find the right strategy for a strong corporate culture in your company, you will save time and money thanks to lower turnover rate. Not convinced? Recently Linked In published survey results that put a number on preventable turnovers, and they are costing employers big time."

6) Three Ways to Actually Engage Employees from Harvard Business Review

"Nobody washes a rental car. People will go the extra mile only if they feel they have ownership. It’s much the same in the workplace. Employees who take ownership of their work — and who feel that what they are doing matters — are far more likely than others to feel engaged on the job. You can have great talent that is appropriately teamed. You can eliminate structural barriers to effective collaboration, and you can design meetings and other interactions so that people can actually get things done. But if your company’s employees don’t have a sense of ownership and engagement, all the other steps won’t make much difference. By the same token, if you can increase the average level of engagement in your organization, you will likely see the productivity of your entire workforce increase."

Lexi Gordon is a Lead Consultant for exaqueo, a workforce consultancy that helps startups and high-growth companies build their cultures, employer brands and talent strategies. Contact exaqueo to learn more about how we can help you build a workforce that’s aligned with your company culture and develop an employer brand that will allow your business to scale the right way. 

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