Talent and HR News Weekly Roundup: Using LinkedIn for Recruiting

LinkedIn has transformed the recruiting community for the better. It's a tool that changed recruiting and gave recruiters access to millions of candidates and networks. Smaller or growing companies may not have access to the same information as larger firms though, so her are some tips for using LinkedIn for recruiting. 

1) Great Faux Pas in Recruiting: Plagiarizing from RecruitDC

"Usually when a recruiter contacts someone via LinkedIn, it’s because s/he saw something of interest on that person’s profile. Then there’s THIS GUY that apparently liked what he saw enough to plagiarize it. As I typically do prior to responding to any message, I clicked on the profile of the sender to gather some information. Imagine my reaction (it went something like this @#$%^&!!!!!) when I immediately recognized a specific segment of that guy’s summary section as MY OWN WORDS from my profile. That’s right. Words that I placed together to form a phrase, sentence or statement on MY very own LinkedIn profile summary section about MY very own professional situation actually appeared VERBATIM on that person’s profile."

2) Use LinkedIn for Recruiting Employees from about.com

"LinkedIn and other social networking sites are advantageous for employers who use them for both networking and recruiting. I am increasingly receiving email notes from my LinkedIn contacts asking me to refer potential employees or help them make a contact for hard-to-fill positions. The potential for LinkedIn and other social networking sites to play a major role in your employee recruiting strategy increases as millions of potential employees profile themselves on these sites each year."

3) Why You Should Use LinkedIn More Often from Kaye/Bassman Blog

"LinkedIn is among the best career websites and tools for searching for a job that are out there. LinkedIn is also a rapidly growing social media platform on which users are connected with each other. You probably have a profile, but how much do you use this website? Chances are not that much. We present you some reasons for spending more time on LinkedIn. Only 50.5% of LinkedIn users have completed their profiles."

4) How to Review Prospects’ Recent Activity on LinkedIn from LinkedIn Talent Blog

"The most successful recruiters know a little extra effort goes a long way in getting a prospect’s attention. Rather than giving a member’s work history a cursory glance and dashing off a quick InMail about the job opportunity, they review their recent public activity on LinkedIn to get deeper insight into their smarts and professional interests, and then send a tailored InMail that is more likely to get a response. You can easily check out a member’s recent activity on LinkedIn by going to their profile, clicking the down arrow near their profile photo and selecting 'View recent activity.' You’ll see everything from the members they’ve recently connected to, to long-form posts they’ve published on their profile, to the content they’ve commented on."

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