Talent and HR News Weekly Roundup: Why HR is Important to Your Business

When thinking about "business," what comes to mind first is finance, selling goods and services, advertising...Human Resources is not necessarily at the top of the list. Yet it's a necessary function to keep a business running because no matter what, there are people involved in a business. And not only is it necessary, it's important. Below are some thoughtful pieces around why HR is important to your business. 

1) What Organizations Need Now From Human Resources from Forbes

"The job of Human Resources today is to make people and organizations grow, yet it has only marginally evolved since its inception around the end of the nineteenth century. Starting as 'Personnel,' to protect women and girls in industrial environments, it gradually morphed into other realms including employee hiring, firing, attendance, and compensation. Motivation, organizational behavior, and selection assessments were added to the mix in the 1960s and ’70s. Over the last decade or so, the title of H.R. Business Partner – essentially a business-focused H.R. Manager role – was introduced with little impact."

2) Why Human Resources Is Important from HR Group International

"A brief Google search of business process, management techniques and employee retention rendered literally thousands of pages of information on how to manage one’s workforce. I end up asking myself, why so much is produced. Is there truly a demand for the quantity of choices in the management industry, and particularly all the books and articles dedicated to human resources? I don’t think the volume of pages on this subject reflects a market but rather a desire to find a silver bullet that will ease our personnel troubles and show us a single path towards management success. Professionals within the HR field are hard pressed to sort through all the data, expert opinions and case studies. We try to apply the old rules in slightly different ways hoping to give them new life; and we continue to seek superior results with old school solutions."

3) 5 Resources You Need to Succeed to Start a Business from Chron

"The success of an organization is heavily reliant on the talent and strength of its employees. The hiring of experienced professionals with track records of excellence within their area of expertise ensures that the mission and goals of the company will be carried out efficiently and with competence. Strong team members can be recruited using a variety of methods. Staffing agencies and executive search firms specialize in placing talent of all levels within every industry. An alternative is to find employees through referrals from individuals whose judgment is trusted."

4) Ten Reasons Why the Human Resources Department Is Important from Chron

"For small businesses and large conglomerates alike, the human resources or personnel function can be helpful for much more than simply processing payroll or handling the open enrollment season once a year. Human resources plays an essential role in developing a company's strategy as well as handling the employee-centered activities of an organization. Human Capital Value - Having an in-house human resources function is important. An in-house human resources staff or a human resources expert on staff can increase the understanding of how important human capital is to the company's bottom line. For small businesses, in particular, human capital is critical because so many smaller firms have employees who perform cross-functional duties. With a smaller workforce, if just one person leaves, it leaves the company with a huge gap to fill and a potential threat to the company's profitability."

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