Talent and HR News Weekly Update: Showing Gratitude & Appreciation

In honor of one of the US's biggest holidays - Thanksgiving - this week we're featuring pieces about showing gratitude and appreciation to your employees and at work. And don't forget to be thankful for your own employer too! Happy Thanksgiving and happy weekend!

1) 5 Unique Ways to Show Thanks to Your Employees from Inc. 

"The most important ingredient for a perfect Thanksgiving is gratitude. Show your employees you care with these gestures. Most of the ingredients for the perfect Thanksgiving are easily attained, but many people struggle with (or forget) the "thanks" part. Silly, since that's what Thanksgiving is really about. Yet expressing gratitude does not come easily for everyone. I find that entrepreneurs easily neglect to offer adequate thanks to their employees. Sure, they are paid for doing their job, but that doesn't eliminate their need for recognition, thanks, and praise. Turn over a new leaf this year by devoting time to thinking about the special gifts and qualities each of your employees brings to your business. Then take the next big step: Show your gratitude in a meaningful way. Your thoughtfulness will go a long way. Employees who feel appreciated will reward you with their loyalty and more."

2) 3 Ways to Practice Gratitude in Your Business from Huffington Post

"During this time of year we tend to focus our thoughts on the importance of gratitude and while that usually centers on being thankful for things in our personal lives, practicing the art of gratitude is also good for our entrepreneurial souls. A focus on gratitude can improve our physical and emotional health as well as our productivity, creativity and even our overall business. In order to truly reap both the personal and professional benefits of being thankful, we need to begin weaving acts of gratitude into our daily business routine."

3) A Simple And Effective Employee Recognition Exercise You Can Implement Today from Forbes

"The No. 1 reason most Americans leave their jobs is because they don’t feel appreciated. Many executives view employee recognition programs as investments rather than expenses, but businesses with limited funds may not be able to implement formal employee recognition programs. It’s time we think about the way we recognize our employees. There are a few ways you can kick off employee recognition for free, and it starts with a simple discussion. At the end of every week, our team at Red Branch Media sits around a large oak table, shares a few bottles of wine and cheese and discusses our wins for the week. This not only gives every employee the chance to shed light on a big task they tackled, but it also lets busy managers peek into what everyone is working on."

4) Want to reward employees? Show gratitude from Miami Herald

"I walked into my local Starbucks in Sunrise this week and saw a wall covered in posted notes with handwritten customer comments about what they are thankful for this time of year. If I were to look for a similar gratitude wall in most workplaces, it is unlikely I would find one. Let’s face it, showing gratitude is rare in most workplaces. Even while there have been numerous studies on the positive relationship between gratitude and work engagement, the concept isn’t often embraced by the people in charge. Some bosses fear saying thank you to staff will weaken their authority, while others worry employees will take advantage of them if they show gratitude. There are also some managers who believe they already thank their staff by giving them a paying job, and some who will argue that because they don’t receive appreciation, there is no need to dole it out."

5) 8 Ways to Motivate Employees Into an Unstoppable Team from Entrepreneur

"Motivating employees and helping them do the best job possible takes time and experience. But asa business owner, there is nothing more rewarding than helping other people -- as well as yourself -- work to their fullest potential. The keys to being a good motivator are: clear communication, training, and appreciation. If you use the following tactics, you will become a better leader."

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