Talent and HR News Weekly Update: Communication

Everything comes down to communication. You could have the best product or program, and it doesn't matter if no one knows about it or buys into it. So effective communication becomes essential. Here are some articles in line with the communication theme, whether it's interviewing, advice, or email. Happy weekend!

1) 4 Communication Mistakes Companies Make When Interviewing from Entrepreneur

"It’s common for job candidates to be anxious during the interview process. The pressure of having the perfect resume and giving the best answer to each question can get to even the most confident job seeker. But maybe employers should be getting nervous as well. In 2015, LinkedIn surveyed more than 20,000 employees worldwide. When it came to the interview process, 83 percent said a negative experience could change their mind about working for a company. If they want to attract top talent, then, employers and hiring managers need to pay special attention to how effective their communication skills are during the hiring process."

2) Where Millennials Go For Career Advice from Inc.

"Wary of traditional advisers, young professionals are seeking alternatives. Here's why. I've watched, (and been a part of), the conversation around Millennials in the workplace for the last six months. It's a hot topic - and for good reason. Companies are struggling to understand and embrace the youngest members of our workforce. At the same time, recent Millennial grads have a 26% rate of unemployment, and that number gets bigger if you factor in under-employment (i.e. working in jobs they could have gotten without a college degree). Spend time online and it isn't hard to see Millennials are deeply dissatisfied with their situation."

3) How Employers Can Bridge the Communication Gap With Veterans from Entrepreneur

Imagine as a young adult you moved from where you grew up to a place where everything was different: the language, culture, dress code and how people behaved. Nothing is what you are used to but you spend years working in this new place, testing and refining your skills, talents and mental stamina. Then, one day you return to where you grew up but now you feel like a complete foreigner, unfamiliar with everything around you. For military members separating or retiring from service, this is a real experience. They volunteered to step out of their civilian lives and into a subculture with its own rules, dress code, language and protocol. Reintegrating back into the civilian workforce can feel overwhelming, frightening and sometimes demoralizing for our nation’s veterans.

4) How To Reduce Your Email Inbox After The Holidays from Forbes

"Are you overloaded by work emails? Then you are not alone. Research conducted by HR magazine and IBM entitled ‘The Reclaim Your Time’ survey found that 34% of HR professionals checked their email every day on waking up and 38 percent checked emails every night at home. Half of the respondents stated their productivity increased with more face-to-face communication and 46% said that while email is useful it takes time away from more valuable tasks. Useless emails and being copied onto emails are one of the main distractions of the 21st Century workplace, remarked Professor Cary Cooper, professor of organizational psychology and health at Manchester Business School. “It’s the multi-media age we live in where we go to work, get a phone call and a notification on our mobile at the same time. Most distractions stem from social media and open-plan offices. There are absolutely more distractions in the workplace now with social media. Everybody has a mobile and needs to check their twitter account and they will be contacted by relatives and other people.” He called email overload the biggest cause of “productivity damage” for the UK workforce and urged HR professionals to “get in touch” with the issue."

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