Talent and HR News Weekly Roundup: What's Been Happening This Week?

All of the news in this week's Talent and HR News Weekly Roundup has a common theme: how to honor your workforce. Whether it's through an reward trip, diversity, or just giving them a chance even though they may not have all of the credentials - your workforce is invaluable. We hope this catches you up on this week's news. Enjoy!

1) Chinese company treats 6,400 employees to French vacation from CNN

"More than 6,000 employees of Tiens Group -- a Chinese conglomerate -- were given the VIP treatment on an all expenses paid trip to France to celebrate the company's 20th birthday.The tour group -- the largest to visit the country -- was given a private tour of the Louvre museum and a private shopping session at luxury department store Galeries Lafayette during their four-day trip, reported French news agency Agence France-Presse."

2) Facebook gives low-wage workers a boost from CNN Money

"Facebook is known for offering its staff some enviable perks. Now it wants to give janitors and other low-wage workers a lift as well. The social network announced plans Wednesday to require its U.S. contractors and vendors to pay their employees at least $15 an hour and offer paid time off for sick days and vacation. Facebook (FB, Tech30) will also require contractors to offer a $4,000 "child benefit" for workers that don't already get parental leave. The move comes amid a growing push to raise the minimum wage, with fast-food workers and others in low-wage jobs calling for at least $15 an hour."

3) Google Gives Employees 20% of Time to Work on Diversity from USA Today

"One of the most famous perks at Google is 20% time — the free time the company's brightest and most determined employees are granted to tinker with promising side projects. That's how Google came up with some of its most popular products, including Gmail and Google News. Even the idea for Google shuttle buses that ferry employees to and from work was born from this off-the-official-clock ingenuity."

4) Alibaba Wages Global Talent War for Elite MBAs from Bloomberg Business

"Chinese e-commerce behemoth Alibaba Group Holding launched a new effort to recruit and train some of the same promising managers North American companies are clamoring to hire, as part of a broader expansion into foreign markets, the company said Sunday. As one element of the initiative, called the Alibaba Global Leadership Development Program, second-year MBA candidates at top business schools worldwide will compete for a two-year rotation among various divisions of the company. The program's standouts will be hired full time at the end of the two years."

5) LinkedIn's global talent guru says these 3 insights will help you retain your best employees from Business Insider

"Keeping talented employees engaged and motivated is a priority many businesses – big and small – undervalue. Not only is it important to focus on the acquisition of great workers, but it is just as important to make sure they are managed in a way that will encourage them to remain working work for you. Business Insider spoke to Pat Wadors, senior vice president of global talent organisation LinkedIn, to find out how businesses can stay ahead in the “war on talent”."

6) Autism Reveals Problems in How We Measure Success from Time (from our very own Susan LaMotte)

"Eight-year-old Charlie has an infectious smile. He loves swimming, hiking, and skiing. And he’s smart, too. By the age of 2, he knew every letter, color, shape, and number. “He loved books and wanted us to read to him for hours,” his mom Tricia said.A year later, Charlie was diagnosed with regressive autism. He struggled with motor skills and motor planning, and a school psychology test—a largely motor-based evaluation—labeled Charlie with an intellectual disability."

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