Talent and HR News Weekly Update: Hiring

When we went to gather all the employment and workforce news this week, we saw an interesting trend...there was a lot of writing about hiring. The Feds may be holding off on raising interest rates, but that's mainly due to external factors. Let's hope this is a good sign of the state of employment across the globe even if China is on the brink of an economic disaster...

1) How to Recruit for a Job of the Future from Fast Company

"Experts posit that jobs of the future will include roles such as neuro-implant technician, 3-D printer design specialist, and virtual reality experience designer. While it may be hard to imagine a time when such positions will be part of the regular employment landscape, not long ago, jobs such as iOS and Android developer or chief happiness officer didn’t exist. Candidates looking to make a leap into an emerging role need to shore up related skills, think about reinvention, and perhaps focus on an organization focused on social good to boost their portfolio and work with a purpose. For recruiters hiring for emerging roles, it’s a bit trickier, according to the experts at Caliper, a talent-assessment firm that uses data to map the strengths and weaknesses of managers and employees."

2) Why a Head of Diversity Is a New Must-Have for Tech Companies from Inc.

"Recently spotted job listings at Airbnb, Dropbox, and others show that many businesses are now empowering high-level executives to improve their diversity. The spotlight and the magnifying glass have been on tech companies' dismal diversity numbers for the past year. Hiring diverse candidates shouldn’t have to be a struggle. Yet, the latest numbers from companies like Facebook and Intel show that the needle is barely moving. As a result, there's a new position in fashion within tech company c-suites: say hello to the head of diversity. Recently spotted job listings show tech companies are making diversity an executive level position. Dropbox, whose diversity initiatives were panned last month in an International Business Times article, is looking for a new head of diversity. Autodesk is also on the hunt for a director of diversity and inclusion. Airbnb is tackling the problem with the most unique job listing. It's searching for a head of diversity and belonging."

3) Companies Fast Track Hiring from Wall Street Journal

"The latest trend in hiring has a lot in common with speed-dating. Fed up with recruiting that takes weeks or months, employers are experimenting with ways to take on new employees in a matter of days or even hours. Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. made a highly publicized push last week to hire 4,000 workers in a single day, and other technology and media companies are accelerating the way they woo and acquire talent, from entry-level workers to directors. Managers say that things like delaying or forgoing reference checks and scheduling back-to-back interviews are helping swiftly fill jobs with good employees, although some workplace experts caution that such sprints may result in costly mistakes. To be sure, hiring at some U.S. companies is moving at a glacial pace. The DHI Group Inc.time-to-hire index, a measure of the time it takes U.S. companies to fill jobs, rose to a record 29 working days in July."

4) 5 Great Ways Your Employees Can Help You Hire Smarter from Entrepreneur

"Companies struggling to find top talent should look no further than their employees’ friends. Yes, that means exactly what it sounds like -- because job interviews from employee referrals are much more likely to lead to an accepted job offer. A new research report from Glassdoor, for whom I blog, backs this up. The report analyzed a sample of more than 440,000 job interview reviews posted on Glassdoor since 2009 and found that employee referrals increased the odds of a successful job match by 2.6 percent to 6.6 percent. Personal connections, then, are the key to hiring top talent, yet they aren’t often an applicant’s source. Connections are used by only about 10 percent of candidates, Glassdoor found. Managers, however, should take advantage of this resource."

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