Talent and HR News Weekly Update: Employee Engagement and Encouragement

Employee engagement continues to be a hot topic, a high priority and a problem for HR and business leaders around the world. But employee engagement isn't a work problem. It's a life problem. When employees are disengaged the work influences are strong. Here are five articles to help you think about how (and why) to engage your people.

1) 5 Ways To Boost Employee Engagement from Forbes

Besides talent attraction and retention, employee engagement has become a major challenge for businesses. It is essential for ensuring competitiveness and growth. Research reveals that employee engagement has a positive impact on performance and is key to competitive advantage.

Employee disengagement, however, has the opposite effect. Revealed through tardiness, absenteeism and general lack of enthusiasm, it results in lost productivity, higher turnover and disproportionately high business costs. In fact, 11 billion USD are lost annually due to employee turnover.

2) 5 Tips for Building an Engaged Workforce from SAP

Perhaps the worst kept secret is that engaged employees are essential to sustain a high performing organization. After all, engaged employees drive the results most business aspire to achieve – productivity, retention, customer loyalty, profitability and increased shareholder value.

These outcomes fuel growth and innovation, and offer a competitive edge.

When you have highly engaged people, the sky is the limit and the impossible becomes possible. Power and potential are unleashed by people who are emotionally committed to the purpose and goals of an organization. Conversely, when employees are not engaged, this can spell disaster. What it takes to promote a highly engaged organization is simple: meet the needs of people.

3) Improve Productivity and Morale by Igniting Employee Passions from Business News Daily

Do your employees spend a lot of time on administrative tasks instead of their actual jobs? New research suggests that, on top of reducing productivity, this wasted time could be contributing to a negative work environment and low engagement.

According to the 2016 State of Work Report released by Workfront, a provider of cloud-based enterprise work management solutions, workers spend only 39 percent of their days on their actual jobs. Tasks outside of the duties employees were hired to perform fill up the rest of their time. The top three things that get in the way of work are excessive oversight (42 percent), excessive emails (43 percent) and wasteful meetings (59 percent).

4) 3 Employee Engagement Ideas that Boost Employer Branding from Sociabble

Suspend the employee satisfaction surveys, pause the recognition programs – it’s time to rethink employee engagement. It’s often considered an internal matter; something that concerns what takes place within the company walls. But what many companies are realizing is that this is no longer enough; employee engagement must break out of the internal sphere, and support the way in which organizations portray themselves externally. Here are three employee engagement ideas that boost employer branding.

5) 5 Lessons from Zappos on Employee Happiness from Classy

For the last seven years Zappos has made Fortune’s list of “100 Best Companies to Work For,” ranking 86 in 2015. Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh (pronounced ‘Shay’), has been instrumental in sustaining this level of success. One of his secrets? A focus on employee happiness.

And for good reason—studies indicate that happy people are actually 12 percent more productive. Hsieh focuses so much on the happiness of his team and customers, he literally wrote a book on how to “make happiness your business model.”

Like Zappos, your organization can take steps to ensure your team stays motivated to achieve your mission. To help you infuse similar practices into your organization’s management, here are five of our favorite lessons your nonprofit can learn from Zappos.

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