Talent and HR News Weekly Update: Hiring Trends

This week, #teamexaqueo is spending a lot of time thinking about and planning for 2017. As such, we want to share five articles to help you do the same. Enjoy! 

1) Why You Need to Think 'Tools' When Hiring, Not Just 'the Job Post' from Entrepreneur

It’s been a tough year for talent. ManpowerGroup’s 2016/2017 Talent Shortage survey found that 46 percent of U.S. employers surveyed reported having difficulty filling jobs -- an all-time high since 2007.

And there’s more bad news. Among recruiters surveyed by Jobvite this year, 95 percent expected recruiting to be as or more challenging in 2017.

Why is recruiting so hard? Because employers are still relying on traditional job ads, even though they’re no longer the best way to find talent. The online job search has evolved over the years. While professionals are changing their strategies to find jobs, many employers aren’t doing the same.

2) 5 emerging trends for hiring in 2016 which will dominate 2017 from Your Story

Rapid growth engines are bound to undergo large-scale transformations. While the consumerism in the country has been a catalyst for fast-paced growth, corporate India has also played its part in it. India has soon grown into becoming the third largest startup economy in the world. To add to this, the strong services sector has continued to contribute as it has been doing in the last decade-and-a-half.

One of the features of India’s services economy is that we have been reliant on large volumes of human resource. During the last decade, organizations had a well-charted recruitment plan that was divided between entry level and lateral talent. The supply side of talent – academic institutions – prepared talent to cater to this demand. The industry skews shifted considerably over the years, which has had its impact on the way organizations recruited talent. Technological advancements have also played a crucial role across recruitment lifecycle.

3) 13 Recruitment Trends You MUST Know For 2017 from Undercover Recruiter

It’s no secret that 2016 has been a massive year for politics, technology and economics, but what are the real knock-on effects to agency-side recruiters working as third party talent suppliers? How is the recruitment landscape adapting? Will your business boom in the new year, or are you doomed? Will advancing recruitment technologies be your career killer, or make you top biller? How can you up-skill to keep ahead of the pack?

To help you cut through the endless conjecture out there, we called in 13 of the industry’s best to forecast what the face of recruitment will look like in 2017. Read on for their interesting takes on the biggest trends set to rock the recruitment world next year.

4) How to Hire--and Keep--a Killer Sales Team from Inc.

Smart CEOs always keep an eye on the numbers, and it's no different at IT security firm Cylance. Co-founder, president, and CEO Stuart McClure loves to tout his Irvine, California-based company's three-year growth rate of 7,613 percent--and plenty of credit likely goes to senior vice president of worldwide sales Nicholas Warner. But a key to those numbers is, ironically, not emphasizing numbers when hiring a sales team. "It's common to look at a sales rep's past performance based solely on numbers, but we have a less quantitative approach," McClure says.

"Past per­formance might get them in the door, but above everything, Nick looks for candidates with impeccable reputations--sometimes just going with his gut."

5) Six Costly Mistakes Your Business Is Making By Not Having HR Support from Forbes

If you're the founder of a small business or startup, you have a lot on your plate. And with so much to do, finding time to build your company culture, hire great talent and engage your employees is limited. But neglecting to pay attention to these aspects of your business can be a major setback for growth too.

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