Talent and HR News Weekly Roundup: Lists

This week there were a bunch of "lists" online that related to the HR world, so we thought we would compile and post it up here on our blog. Happy reading! 

1) Top 75+ HR Blogs to Follow in 2016 from Proven.

"Often misunderstood as meddlers or politically correct curmudgeons (see poor Toby from The Office), HR professionals are an essential part of a business. HR professionals work tirelessly to make sure that companies uphold their policies correctly and justly. Despite having been around so long, the HR sector is constantly evolving. While technology advances and policies change, HR professionals need to constantly be on the top of it all. We gathered these top 75+ blogs that feature the most informative, knowledgeable and experience-driven advice. Best of all, there is something in here for everyone. Some of these blogs are informative and straightforward, some are tongue-in-cheek and some are downright hilarious."

2) Creative Recruiting: 7 Innovative Ways to Land Your Dream Hire from HR Morning

"If you want to avoid sifting through a stack of poorly written resumes and find your dream hire, simple ad postings just aren’t going to cut it. While posting ads online might be effective in hiring entry-level employees, the most skilled professionals aren’t likely scouring Monster.com or CareerBuilder for employment opportunities. In the current “talent war,” many companies are developing more creative ways to uncover, target and attract talented candidates — especially when looking to fill upper-level management positions and when recruiting for a position that requires a niche skill."

3) Top 6 reasons employees quit from USA Today

"My client asks, “I keep losing employees … why?” I answer, “Have you asked them?” An exit interview is a good first step to help you understand why employees leave. Of course, if the problem is you, they might lie. Employees that are smart don’t want to burn bridges. My client’s question led me to do some research. Although the order might differ, these are among the top six reasons employees quit."

4) 3 Educational Trends That Will Change How You Hire in the Future from SF Gate

"If you're an employer who doesn't yet know what 'STEM' stands for, you have some catching up to do. The U.S. educational system and job market have a chicken-and-egg relationship: Do changes in the needs of the labor market determine the skills that schools teach? Or, do the ways students are educated force employers to adapt to the types of employees available to them? The reality is that the answer contains a little bit of both."

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