Elevating Your Employer Brand Career

What now?

I spent the past few days as the emcee of the Employer Branding Strategies conference (#EBrandCon). As usual, a rapt audience taking copious notes. But what next? It's Friday, everyone's headed home and come Monday, we often fall back to our routine of execution. 

I'm on a mission to make sure we don't default to employer brand execution.  We need to execute. We need great content. We need to market. But we need 

If you want to elevate yourself and your career, you need a strategy. Here's how.

1) What is your brand?
Do you have a cohesive description of the promise you make. Marriott's is Find Your World. Everything they do ladders up to that. It's the foundation and then campaigns like "where you belong" rests on that. What's yours?

2) Where are your key targets?
At any given time, your company is trying to achieve key goals in talent acquisition and talent management. Do you have targets against those goals? Show your leaders you mean business by tying execution to specific needs: more minority hires, decreased retention, better brand awareness. 

3) Are you branding the full lifecycle?
Employer brand isn't just about recruitment. An employee's experience begins with awareness and rotates through recruitment, onboarding, career development, learning and through to alumni status. Even if your job description is focused on recruiting, focus on the impact you can make on the entire employment experience.

4) Do you have business measures?
Sure, it's great to get clicks and traffic. But what does it translate to? Consider what your organization is in business to do. Then, demonstrate how your employer brand work impacts that. If you want attention from leaders, if you want to grow your career and build your team, you have to make the connection to the business.

What will you do next? 


Susan LaMotte is the founder of exaqueo, a workforce consultancy that helps companies build cultures, employer brands and talent strategies. Contact exaqueo to learn how to better compete for talent by building honest, authentic employer brands and powerful talent attraction and retention programs.

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