Talent and HR News Weekly Roundup: Innovative Hiring, Talent + Culture

In this week's Talent and HR News Weekly Update, we're featuring insight into innovative hiring, talent, culture, and more. You may even ask yourself a few questions after reflecting on these good reads. Enjoy!

1) 7 Ways Leaders Can Shape A More Meaningful Startup Culture from Forbes

“It doesn’t take a genius to realize that it’s going to take more than a beer keg and an in-house masseuse to drive sustained performance of your startup. Beyond the perks and window dressing that business leaders adorn their exposed-brick workspaces with, what can be done to solidify certain ways of working that guide behavior to tangibly drive the results you’re looking for? Most articles out there about startup culture focus on some of the very important basic foundations that help align people in organizations: Creating a clear and compelling vision that creates a fire in peoples’ bellies about what you’re trying to accomplish. Articulating an intentional strategy where every individual can clearly see how their day-to-day behaviors support the bigger picture. Creating a non-negotiable set of core values that help members of the group understand what’s important and help guide decisions at the point closest to the issue. Right now, some of you may be saying to yourselves, “We’ve done that. Now what?” Well, let’s go there.”

2) 1 Brilliantly Simple Hiring Question That Will Tell You Instantly if Someone Is a Dreamer or a Doer from Inc.

“Anyone can claim to be innovative, but this is what separates those who want to be from those who are. Whether you're hiring a partner, sizing up a colleague, or just trying to get to know someone, asking a very simple question will tell you more about how innovative the person is than virtually anything else you can ask. You really need to get it right from the outset….find out how. ”  

3) Don't Whine About Lack Of Talent. Beef Up Your Hiring Agenda from Forbes

“Without people, there would be no Pyramids of Giza or the Great Wall of China. Without people, there would be no computers, mobile phones, cars, and even robots. The point is, for every idea, invention or organization, the key foundation is the people. Before beginning a search for potential hires, it is vital to have a plan in place for finding, interviewing, hiring and retaining the best candidates. Companies must also avoid making common hiring mistakes that will risk losing valuable time and talent prospect.”

4) 4 Interview Questions to Identify Trailblazers and Nonconformists from Inc.

“Want to hire original thinkers? Then change how you interview, says Wharton's Adam Grant. If you own a widget factory, what you need in employees is punctuality, efficiency, and the ability to withstand the boredom of repeatedly following a set procedure. But you're probably not running a widget factory.”

5) 5 questions great managers ask from Smartbrief

“As a manager, you may feel that it’s always on you to deliver the messages, make the tough calls and guide the team through thick and thin -- and it is. Your team is looking for that sure-footed, goal-oriented sureness that makes them feel comfortable in the direction of the day, the project and the company. But here’s the thing that great managers know -- while they want to feel secure that there is “a plan” and that it’s working, they also want to be included and to share that vision. Great leadership not only brings everyone into making that vision a reality, it also helps everyone toward making “a plan” for their own personal journey to realizing their own goals. Make a habit of asking these five question frequently to keep your team engaged and confident in corporate and personal success.”

6) Why the buffet of employee benefits has exploded over the past 20 years from The Washington Post

“If it seems like the menu of employee benefits is turning into an ever more varied and sundry buffet of assorted perks, it is. The twentieth annual employee benefits survey by the Society for Human Resource Management, released Monday, now tracks nearly 350 fringe benefits offered to workers by their employees. New this year: Paid foster child leave, coverage for health care services provided by video, genetic testing coverage for diseases like cancer.”

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