Welcome Kathleen O'Brien!

Here at exaqueo, I'm so excited (and a bit surprised, honestly) that our boutique, bespoke approach to culture, employer brand and talent strategies are resonating so well. After all, employer brand is still seen as this typically tactical, recruiting based, execution arm of HR. And it's easy to get excited about the execution. After all, what's cooler than digital storytelling or Snapchat? 

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  Kathleen O'Brien, Lead Consultant & Project Mgr

Kathleen O'Brien, Lead Consultant & Project Mgr [/caption]

Execution tools are a must--they're fun, sexy, cool and generate all the buzz.

But to make brands more than just a flash in the pan or one-hit wonder, they've got to have data and strategy behind them. And that means knowing who your employees and candidate are with real, unbiased market research.

At exaqueo, we do the cool stuff, but only after building a foundation and strategy based on workforce market research.

(Yawn, yawn ... yeah, we know). But nothing gets executives more excited than data--and brands don't have legs unless your CHRO, CMO and CEO are on board. Consumer marketers live and die by this approach. And so should employer brand marketers.  It's not always hip, but is workforce and company changing. 

That's why as we continue to grow, we're so excited to announce the addition of Kathleen O'Brien to our team as a lead consultant and project manager.

Kathleen spent her entire career in talent acquisition, marketing and branding, and project management. Specifically, she has developed employer brand and recruitment marketing strategies for both Northrop Grumman, a mature global Fortune 500 corporation, and Scottrade, a privately owned high-growth firm.

While Kathleen led recruitment marketing at Northrop Grumman, her team’s efforts were recognized as the top performing U.S. company using social media for recruitment (based on strategy of course). In addition to deploying the company’s employer brand, Kathleen spearheaded the redesign of new employee onboarding. 

At Scottrade, Kathleen built the Talent Strategy team and established the foundation for all talent attraction efforts, including implementing employer brand reputation monitoring, targeted sourcing and advertising, social recruitment, candidate personas, the careers website redesign, the employee referral program, and more. 

Kathleen’s technical experience includes design and implementation of applicant tracking systems (Taleo and Workday), with the candidate experience in mind. She has overseen numerous recruitment media and technology vendors, as well as managed multiple vendor and external partners. 

Kathleen has the unique ability to build trust, commitment, and strategic partnerships. She approaches her work with an innovative mentality while focusing on utilizing data to drive decisions and promote continuous improvement. 

Her passion is powered by her experience and bachelor’s degree in marketing from Virginia Tech. She also received a leadership certification from Leadership Fairfax’s Emerging Leaders Institute (ELI) and is active in the Junior League.

Originally from Fairfax, VA, Kathleen joins exaqueo's 100% virtual team from her office in St. Louis, MO where she lives with her husband, a newly minted attorney.


Susan LaMotte is the founder of exaqueo, a workforce consultancy that helps companies build cultures, employer brands and talent strategies. Contact exaqueo to learn how to better compete for talent by building honest, authentic employer brands and powerful talent attraction and retention programs.

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