Talent and HR News Weekly Roundup: Your Brand + Culture

Company culture and employer brand are inextricably linked. A company culture is the foundation. It's what's accepted and what is not. An employer brand is the whole experience and the strengths you leverage to position your company among competitors. This week, we're sharing some pieces on both hot topics. Enjoy!

1) How Company Culture Drives Digital Transformation And Business Adaptability from Forbes

"I don’t think companies put enough stock in their cultures. Company culture is like an employee’s attitude; it will make or break you. Your company’s culture is a strong determining factor in its adaptability. We’ve established that the only constants in the future of business are change, agility, and the ability to pivot in response to market shifts—and that technology is essential to the success of a company. Your organizational attitude is marked by your business’s aptitude to change. Are you prepared for the future?"

2) Elegant Experiences and Employer Branding from Recruiting Daily

"When people talk about great meals, they traditionally call it a “dining experience” because it is just that – a real experience.  From the lights to the sound and, of course, the food – there are a million variables that create that one moment in time and impact just how memorable it is, for good or bad. The experience begins the second you walk in the front door and you’re greeted by a host. Their demeanor and efficiency are the first impression on the meal and how it will play out. They are your guide as you go into sensory overload. Smelling the dishes, watching plates and making notes for your order as they briefly pass by in the hands of the staff."

3) Stress taking its toll in the workplace from Benefits News

"Workers agree that their jobs and workplaces have an impact on their health — and not always in a positive way. This was one of the findings of a recent poll conducted by NPR, the Robert Wood Foundation and the Harvard Opinion Research Program the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. In the survey of more than 1,600 adult workers in the United States, one in six (16%) responded that their current job has a negative impact on their overall health. This negative impact also spreads to the workers’ stress levels (43%), eating habits (28%), sleeping habits (27%) and weight (22%)."

4) The Seven Characteristics Of Successful Company Cultures from The Huffington Post

"Successful company cultures are company cultures in which employees have a clear sense of purpose; employees understand their immediate and long term goals. This is important, because an organization with purpose shifts people and resources forward in order to achieve goals rather than simply managing them, and achieving goals is what it’s all about, isn’t it? So purpose is a key ingredient for a strong, sustainable, scalable organizational culture. It’s more than that, though. Purpose is an inspirational driver for engaging employees and communities. When a leader establishes a clear purpose for the organization, it will become the inspirational driver for engaging employees and so provide them with a concrete source for motivation. In other words, the organization’s strategies, capabilities, and culture become the engine behind the organization’s purpose."

5) Recruiters need to work on their own employer brand to remain competitive (or else lose their own war for agency talent) from Online Recruitment Resource

"The war for recruitment talent is hotting up, but unless recruitment leaders up their game by improving their own employer brand, they risk ending up on the losing side, according to recruitment branding specialists ClearlyPR. The recent publication of figures obtained from Companies House stated that almost 3,000 new recruitment businesses were established in the first six months of 2016. This, along with the 9,100 agencies registered between 2013-2015, means that the total number of new entrants to the market over the last two-and-a-half years stands at over 12,000, with recruiters now needing to work harder than ever to position themselves as the employer-of- choice."

6) An Event Insider’s Look at Company Culture from Special Events Blog

"'Company culture.' Surely you’ve seen this buzzword floating around the blogosphere and beyond--but what exactly is it? Isn’t a company’s culture just the environment that forms in the office? Well, the answer to that is yes--and no. While a company culture is certainly inherent and will develop based on the office environment, that’s not to say that it is something that “just happens” passively. With a bit of effort, you can actively craft an ideal culture that fits your organization’s values to ensure everyone is working towards the same goal. Although it’s generally easier and more organic to instill a certain culture from the company’s start, that’s not to say that it’s not worth the effort if you’ve been in the business for several years already."

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