Talent and HR News Weekly Roundup: All About Culture

At exaqueo, we believe that culture is the way in which you work--the norms and values that define who you are as a business and what makes you different. It's how you get work done and the way people are expected to behave. Culture is your foundation and then your build your business around it. That said, here’s the latest news on workplace culture. Enjoy!

1) The Ultimate Guide to Improving Workplace Culture from SnackNation

“Improving workplace culture is a thorny issue for most business leaders. It’s something that they probably know is important, but can’t quite get a handle on. Finance, strategy, product development, operations – those are the tangible, measurable elements of their business.

But Culture? That’s the definition of the “soft stuff,” the stuff they probably skimmed over in business school, the stuff that makes their eyes glaze over whenever speakers bring it up at conferences. However, more and more leaders are learning it’s no coincidence that the biggest, best, and most innovative companies also happen to have great cultures. In fact, so often these companies are great precisely because they have phenomenal workplace cultures…”

2) Employees Are Your Biggest Brand Advocates from FoxNews - Entrepreneur

“Let’s start with an important question. Who do you think has the most intimate knowledge of your brand culture and business? Your employees are without a doubt one of the most untapped, organic sources of promotion and content within your organization, and yet few companies know how or when to use that resource and why it works…”

3) Providing A Work-Life Balance For Company Employees Goes A Long Way from CBS - Small Business Pulse

“Whereas previous generations have sought greater levels of financial compensation or larger benefits packages from their employers, millennial workers have made it clear they value work-life balance above all else. Therefore, smaller firms will have to accommodate that priority if they want to assemble the kind of team that will allow them to remain competitive in today’s cutthroat marketplace…”

4) 8 Ways To Communicate Your Company Culture from ERE Media - Talent Management and HR

“Culture is the single most important factor in organizational success or failure. It tells employees how to behave, how to do their jobs and how “things are done around here.” But would your employees, middle-management and executives all describe your culture the same way?...”

5) The Powerful Organizational Trust Elixer from Let’s Grow Leaders Blog

“What Would It Feel Like To Work in A Truly High-Trust Culture? When we fear loss, it’s easy to scramble to the next plateau of self-protection. We wonder, why would they help me? Why would they go there? Is there anything here for them to gain? What if we started a new conversation in our teams and organizations? Start where you are. Ask your team….”

6) 6 Ways to Use Your Social Media Networks to Broadcast Company Culture from all Business

“Which came first, your company or its culture? If you are running a growing small business, it’s clear that company culture is an important part of your objectives, albeit one that gets put on the back burner often. But you are proud of what your company is becoming and the culture that’s emerging out of that. Your social media is a great way to express that company culture and nurture it—or, if you’re not careful, destroy it…”

Kathleen O'Brien (@kathleen_eliz) is a Lead Consultant & Project Manager for exaqueo, a workforce consultancy that helps organizations build their cultures, employer brands and talent strategies. Contact exaqueo to learn more about our employer brand innovation, workforce research, and recruiting strategy offerings.

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