Talent and HR News Weekly Update: 2017 workplace trends

Welcome to our first weekly update of the new year. We hope 2017 is off to great start for you and your team! As you continue to look ahead and plan for success, here are five articles curated to help you consider current workplace, HR and recruiting trends. Enjoy!  

1) 2017 looks like it will be a big year for workplace flexibility - from the Miami Herald

Jessi Berrin spends most days away from her desk at Baptist Health South Florida’s corporate offices in Miami, driving to events, sending email from the road and making her own schedule. While her work arrangement might seem nontraditional, in a way she represents the flexible work style millennials expect.

Berrin, 32, sees 2017 as the year when her generation gets more of what they want in the workplace: “The traditional 9 to 5 is not at all appealing to millennials, especially with technology moving faster than anyone can grasp. We want to work for employers who meet us where we are.”

Workplace flexibility used to be a benefit afforded to working mothers who wanted reduced hours. These days, flexibility is more about leaving work early to get to a fitness class and finishing up at night or working from home in the morning to avoid rush hour. With a tightening labor force and an increased desire for work-life balance, 2017 is poised to be the year when the most talked-about workplace trend gains traction.

2) What HR in 2017 Will Look Like? from Business2Community

The New Year is here and it offers us heaps of promises and exciting new opportunities. There’s much learning to be done, many challenges to take on, several obstacles to overcome and plenty of successes to achieve and win. And like you all I’m really excited about all these experiences that we have ahead. Particularly of interest are the trends we’ll see regarding HR in 2017.

As technology continues to rapidly evolve and alter the way we communicate, compute and educate ourselves, we can expect further innovations in the workplace as well. Many processes will be made more efficient to enhance our experiences. Employees will continue to be the key on how well companies adapt, navigate through challenges and surpass disruptive forces. Basically to ensure your brand is well positioned to attract and retain talent, you’ll be giving more importance to employee needs in 2017.

3) 5 positive HR trends for 2017 from HRDrive

Let's not kid ourselves: 2016 was a difficult year. HR departments faced tangled legal regulations, harassment charges and widening skill gaps, among other issues.

The solutions to these problems weren't always readily available, but the people and organizations who made progress deserve to be highlighted. In celebration of the new year, we've compiled a list of trends that we believe will shape 2017.

We predicted last spring that 2016 would be the tipping point for paid parental leave. In many ways that turned out to be accurate, with notable gains made in the way of giving new mothers and fathers proper time to process both births and adoptions.

4) 7 for 2017: The Top Recruiting and HR Trends Every Talent Pro Needs To Know from Recruiting Daily

The thing about talent trends posts is that if it were possible to predict the future of recruiting and HR, we’d probably have figured out some way to make it suck a little less. Of course, the glacial pace of change in these parts means that for the indeterminate present, 2017 Is shaping up to be same shit, different year.

I’m aware that trends posts are, well, trendy – and acknowledge that there’s no real need for me (or anyone else) to contribute more content to this canon of crap. But with so many “thought leaders” (read: cat ladies who tweet all day, “futurists,” #hashtagenthusiasts) and “influencers” (read: snarky bloggers, self-righteous douchebags, unemployed trolls) effusively adding to the effluence, I couldn’t help but weigh in. Because it seems when predicting what’s new and what’s next, opinions, like shit, rolls uphill.

5) YOUR EMPLOYER BRAND PLAYBOOK: 2017 from the exaqueo blog

When was the last time you looked at the new year and said: "I guess I'll just do more of the same?"  Never. With every new year, we have resolutions, promises and plans to do more, be better and try harder. Why should your employer brand be any different?

Since social recruiting and recruitment technology picked up steam in the mid-2000s, we've buried our employer brand heads in the sands of execution. Sure, technology has given us many new opportunities: from automated social content to mass brand promotion. But what are you planning to do differently in 2017?

Do you have news or insight about employer branding, talent or culture to share? Want us to include it in our weekly update? Contact us below.

Shannon Smedstad (@shannonsmedstad) is a Lead Consultant & Project Manager for exaqueo, a workforce consultancy that helps organizations build their cultures, employer brands and talent strategies. Contact exaqueo to learn more about our employer brand innovation, workforce research and recruiting strategy offerings.

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