Welcome Chrystal Moore to #teamexaqueo

When you've been working in-house for a long time, you can't help but partner with external partners. From agencies to vendors, I worked with dozens of wonderful consultants, technologists and software companies during my in-house HR career.

And while their expertise and or products were needed and valued, these partnerships didn't come without their challenges. From turnover of account managers to technology vendors who didn't quite understand how HR or recruiting worked to consultants who weren't used to the politics of corporate America--just managing external partners can be trying. And that's precisely why I'm so excited so add Chrystal Moore to the exaqueo team! 

Because we're focused on being partners to our clients, our team has to have that insider's lens. And Chrystal has just that: an unmatched, in-house, talent acquisition and employer brand perspective. A veteran of talent acquisition strategy with brands like Philips and Aramark, she knows recruiting strategy and management inside and out from managing teams to battling technology whether it's how to pin down challenging hiring managers or how to address candidate experience issues in relation to applicant tracking systems and technology.

Chrystal also brings a great sense of the day-to-day rigor of recruiting. To build and execute an employer brand, it's important to understand the end-user from the recruiter to the hiring manager to the HR assistant. And Chrystal has a depth of experience that will help her directly understand our clients everyday challenges and needs. 

Besides an incredible depth of experience, Chrystal's been rewarded and recognized for her work. She was previously Philips' Recruiter of the Year and a Glassdoor Talent Warrior. 

Outside of work, Chrystal is an accomplished photographer with an eye for the right angle and image.  Married with twins, she lives and works outside of Atlanta, GA. We're thrilled to welcome her to our team of employer brand professionals, all whom have that powerful in-house perspective.

When we started exaqueo, we made a promise to deliver to our clients in a different way. We don't just build employer brands for our clients. We build brands with them helping to navigate the politics, buy-in, stakeholders and unexpected challenges along the way.  We've walked in our clients' shoes for years and bear the battle scars that give us this different kind of experience set. We can build and deliver better employer brands because we've been there. Adding Chrystal to our team just reinforces this promise. 

Get to know Chrystal here and congratulate her on LinkedIn or at exaqueo. And, please stay tuned to the exaqueo blog or our Facebook page for future team announcements.

Susan LaMotte (@SusanLaMotte) is the founder and CEO of exaqueo, an employer brand experience firm building employer brands and the talent strategies that drive them through research, consulting and creative and digital execution. Contact exaqueo to learn more about our employer brand innovation, workforce research and recruiting strategy offerings.

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