Talent and HR News Monthly Update: Looking Ahead to 2019

We know 2018 isn’t over yet, but it’s never too early to start thinking about your employer brand strategy for the New Year. What employer brand resolutions will you set to help your organization find success in the year ahead? In this month’s roundup, we’ve curated five articles to give you a head start in employer brand, recruiting, and marketing for 2019.

1) Top 10 Recruiting Trends for 2019 from HR C-Suite

2019 will see a whole new set of recruiting trends. These trends will not only provide a direction to your recruitment strategies but also help you in attracting the best talent. In this year, the main focus will be on candidates as it is a candidate-driven market. Recruiters and hiring managers aim to find the best talent. Thus, the entire focus has now shifted to the candidate.

This article talks about the ten latest trends which will play an important role in enhancing the recruitment process. Check out the latest buzzwords to be used in the recruitment sector next year.

2) Big Shifts: What HR Trends Are Coming in 2019? from HR Toolbox

Recent developments in technology and shifts in how we view employee management are transforming the HR industry. Employees expect more from their companies, and HR departments are striving to retain employees and improve workplace culture. With reporting and recruiting software, employee data, and social media at our fingertips, HR departments have a new world of possibility to explore. While these transformations are already in full swing, 2019 will be a period of refinement as companies smooth over the edges of new HR strategies and philosophies. The big theme question is: How can companies utilize technology better to make more data-driven decisions? It's time to move out of data analysis paralysis and into informed employee management.

3) Three Mega Trends to Watch For in 2019 from Human Resources Today

With the dizzying pace of change and the mind-blowing exponential growth of data and technology available to us showing no signs of letting up, we are all facing new levels of overload. The impact of this overload is manifesting itself in unanticipated ways. Our emotional, social, and physical well-being at work is directly impacted by the stressors associated with overload, and organizations will struggle to help employees cope and, more importantly, thrive in such environments without a new approach. Far beyond wellness programs, organizations will have to explore creative new workspace concepts, design work with overall employee well-being in mind, and offer transformative technologies to help monitor and change employee behavior. In addition, the work of inclusion and belonging will take on even greater importance for business success.

4) Top 5 Recruiting Trends for 2019 from Indorse

Filling in a particular job role with the right talent is amongst the biggest challenges every business faces today. In a candidate driven job market, candidates are being selective about the companies they would want to work for. This has caused a major shift in the recruiting paradigm and in the hiring trend

Here are some recruiting trends for 2019 that will give you an edge over your competitors!

5) 7 Marketing Trends to Budget for in 2019 from Forbes

While many of us are thinking about the upcoming holidays, travel plans, and quality time with loved ones, business and marketing leaders are crunching the numbers and having tough discussions about their budgets for the new year before 2018 comes to a close.

As you’re looking back at the year’s successes and (let’s face it) shortcomings, it’s important to look ahead to what the marketing industry as a whole has in store in the near future and to seek out new opportunities to engage your audience. To help, here are seven marketing trends that leaders should consider as they’re preparing to budget for 2019.

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