The LIST: What We’ve Been Sharing Lately

Here at exaqueo, we talk a lot about authenticity. But it's not just talk. We live and breathe it each day. To give you an unfiltered look into our inner-office emails, we’ve compiled the most recent articles and images we send within #teamexaqueo AND some of our candid responses below. In need of more specific employer brand, recruitment marketing, or talent attraction education? Visit our exaqueo blog

  1. The Neuroscience of Trust 

Erin DeGroot: Although it gets a bit scientific, the key point is how trust in an organization (I would say, not only between peers but between an employer and employee) results in higher levels of performance and engagement. It includes tangible recommendations that for some companies, could be key elements of their employer brand (providing employees a certain level of autonomy, focusing on both personal and professional growth (whole self model!), transparency,  and recognition.

  1. L’Oreal’s Ad for Men Campaign Shares Why Hiring Female Leaders Is Worth It 

Adrienne Betenbaugh: You don’t need to tell a team of all women these ads are awesome, we know it to be true. Complete with statistics to back it up, L’Oreal showcases one of its core beliefs, female empowerment, through powerful advertising. Now where is my lipstick…

Emily Fritz: The use of products to display data is a brilliant marketing technique combined with the eye-grabbing headline to men. It’s a smart way to break the scroll through and make viewers take a second look.

  1. Why It’s Time to Include Compensation Ranges in Job Postings 

Alyssa Bani:  Putting myself in the candidate's shoes, I'd want to know roughly what the compensation range was. If I was really intrigued, I could still apply and ask for more, but I wouldn't be let down later in the hiring process and therefore the time I spent applying wouldn't feel like as much of a waste. From our research, we know compensation is often the #1 priority, but there are many times where it's not all about the money...and, that's why it's so important to have an authentic employer brand + employer brand strategy!

Emily Fritz: So many organizations position themselves as transparent, yet hold back one of the most important criteria for candidates to make a job decision — compensation. Sharing this information in job postings is a perfect way for organizations to back up that message of transparency. Plus imagine all of the positive impacts it would have on the candidate experience and recruiting process! 

4. Apple Says Goodnight to its Developers in WWDC Opener

Jaclyn Wollett: So interesting...being that I'm married to a software engineer, and given what I know about my husband’s personality and the target audience for the video, it is a success. It highlighted the camaraderie and work that goes into his profession and the feeling of success that comes with a successful build (like completing a giant, complicated puzzle), regardless of what it takes to get to the positive end result.

Lexi Gordon: I see it as the hard work that comes with work, the pursuit of something you really love and are passionate about. I think the other developers at the conference this was played at can relate to being so in the zone that they stay up late. There is a loneliness to it, but also solidarity. It's a moment in time...who's to say the next night they aren’t off having a beer with their significant other because they hit their deadline?! I personally can relate to this in some ways - big deadlines when I am curled up on the couch tapping away at my computer in the dark, long after everyone has gone to sleep (and being interrupted by a crying baby lol).

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