Talent and HR News Update: Social Media, Content Marketing + Recruiting

In today’s digital age, more and more organizations are turning to social media to find, recruit, and evaluate top talent. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer recruiters the chance to connect with job seekers who they may not have found through conventional methods. The content you decide to share online plays a huge role in attracting high-quality candidates. In this month’s roundup, we’ve curated five articles on how to improve your content marketing strategy on social media to boost recruitment.

1) Using Social Media For Recruitment And Retention from Forbes

As a small team, any employee’s resignation can feel like a huge blow. Each person’s work and presence is crucial to the overall culture and functioning of the company. A small-business owner's goal is to make sure that whatever internal turmoil occurs, the product and clients remain unaffected. Slipping into panic mode can be extremely easy, as time is of the essence when finding a stellar replacement.

2) Social Media Content Management: How to Save Time Sharing Quality Content on Social Media from Business 2 Community

For most people, it’s somewhat a non-issue to let time pass them by as there’s still another tomorrow to try.

But for busy business owners and project managers, lost time is tantamount to money lost.

If you are a business no matter the size, it’s likely that you devote a good part of your day scheduling content for your brand’s social media profiles along with other sundry tasks you need to do such as:

  • create social media copy – add different versions if you are on different platforms
  • craft a social media graphic to help wow your audience
  • find other contents to share and worth sharing

3) How To Use Content Marketing To Boost Your Recruiting Efforts from Forbes

For the first time in almost 20 years, the job market favors the job seekers, not the employers. With unemployment at the lowest it’s been since 2000, there’s no lack of open positions waiting to be filled by high-quality candidates.

But how can companies reach them? Competition has never been fiercer. In fact, companies are struggling to find and retain workers since they have so many available options. Industries like trucking have been trying to find every possible way to entice more people to become qualified drivers, and businesses across almost every industry can’t seem to recruit enough valuable employees.

So, how can brands improve their odds of attracting top talent?

4) 5 Tips for Better Content Marketing in 2019 from PracticalEcommerce

The idea behind content marketing is simple enough. Create useful and engaging content so that folks will read it, watch it, love it, and ultimately buy the products you sell. But what are the core ideas that help to make content marketing successful?

Start with value. Content marketing has to provide real value, something that pierces all of the noise of social media and advertising.

What follows are five tips that start with value. If embraced, these could make your content marketing efforts more successful in the coming year.

5) This Is How and Where to Hire Generation Z from Inc

When searching for a potential employer, Generation Z is interested in using Indeed, mobile apps, and...snail mail?

The National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) recently surveyed over 16,000 Generation Z high school and college students to find out how and where they will search for a job.

For a generation that has never been offline, you might be surprised by how traditional and non-digital some of their approaches are for searching for a job.

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