Welcome Adrienne Betenbaugh to #Teamexaqueo!

Many say, “good things happen in threes.” Right now that’s certainly our reality as we add amazing talent to our team. It is my pleasure to round out our team announcements and welcome Adrienne Betenbaugh to #teamexaqueo.

We are a team of brand, marketing, human resources, and communications strategists offering our clients authentic insight and unrivaled expertise to brand and market their unique employment experience from the inside out. And like our clients, we at exaqueo, as a brand, as a company and as colleagues, have our unique and authentic stories to tell.

Adrienne joins us as our Marketing Director, responsible for leading our marketing, communications that will share insights about exaqueo and our thought leadership with our target audiences. She brings more than 12 years of marketing experience with a design thinking approach, and a wealth of client service insights and expertise to our team.

As Adrienne’s “exaqueo buddy” I have the privilege of supporting Adrienne throughout her exaqueo immersion and onboarding. In the first few days we realized a shared appetite for strategic marketing, passion for people, and love of the water.

We took a virtual swim in “Lake exaqueo” surrounding our 100% virtual exaqueo office space and I am excited to share some highlights from our conversation.

Before we jump in, I am curious, what inspires your love of the water?

AB: As a kid, I tried a little bit of everything. A year in one activity, a year in another, and before long, we realized swimming was my fit. We found a year-round program and the rest is history. I spent time finding my fit, and realize I loved it along the way.

What makes exaqueo your career fit?

AB: I love that exaqueo is real and we put the strategies and recommendations we offer our clients in to practice. And, we are visionary. Our virtual working model is forward-thinking and a way organizations will eventually transition to. I appreciate exaqueo is a company embracing the future work experience today.  

What excites you most about being a part of exaqueo?  

AB: That we are on the forefront of business. Employer brand is exciting and an emerging business strategy. While it has roots in recruitment marketing, the impact of our work and specifically, the expertise we provide our clients, reaches throughout their organizations with direct impact on the bottom line. Being a part of so many companies’ future success, while growing our own company is an opportunity I could not resist.

What impact do you hope to make at exaqueo?

AB: We provide a wealth of marketing strategy and tactical expertise, and in my role,  I will put our strategies into action, to shine a spotlight on our team and our exaqueo brand. Also, providing a strategic marketing perspective, and ideas to help grow our business, while ensuring we are providing the best client service possible.

You have experience in-house and a career of agency and consulting experiences, what is your view of client service?

AB: It is imperative to be upfront from the start. Offer what can be done, provide alternatives, or if needed, create a new route to success to deliver the desired outcomes. Finding the win-win is important to me, so being a part of a group, like exaqueo, that shares this mindset is my perfect fit.

What are three words that best describe you?

AB: Clever. Extroverted. Creative.

Thanks for a great swim, before we’re done one last question…you’ve been swimming your whole life, what do you love most about it today?

AB: When I am in the water, it is an opportunity to disconnect from everything else, and be with my own thoughts. (Laughing) It may look like I’m swimming, but I am actually working in my mind –thinking and brainstorming ideas. And the workout feels incredible!

Please join me in welcoming Adrienne as she dives in to #teamexaqueo, ready to make a splash. You can congratulate her on LinkedIn or by posting a comment below.

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