Montage International: Three Pillars to Stay Connected

In times of crisis, we all seek out inspiration and search for ways to cheer ourselves up, or simply to get through a hard day. One of the ways #teamexaqueo is finding motivation is by looking at positive and supportive ways organizations are trying to show up for their people, their customers, and their employees. In our ‘Spotlight Series’ we share examples of companies that stand out, giving them a spotlight,  focusing on the good, and giving you inspiration for your own organization.


Like many in the industry, our client Montage International, a luxury hotel management company, has been severely impacted during these times. This environment for hospitality is challenging to say the least. In response, the company has crafted a unique, three-pillar approach inline with their unique culture, to keep associates connected and supported during this time.  


Pillar 1: Consistent Communication

To stay connected with associates, the communications team is publishing regular newsletters that inform, update, and engage their workforce across various properties and locations across the country. Shared on a regular basis, they provide a messaging foundation that employees can anticipate, knowing they’ll hear from their leaders on a regular basis. In the most uncertain of times, this cadence of communication ensures they can stay up-to-date with company developments no matter who or where they are.


Pillar 2: Staying Engaged from Home

Since associates are spread across different locations and settings, Montage International felt strongly that keeping their people engaged was key. By utilizing the talents of their associates, they gave them an outlet to practice their craft while also giving and serving their colleagues. They created an internal portal to give associates and their families access to learn, grow, and find support from their colleagues. For example, they showcase cooking demos from the company’s culinary teams and challenge chefs to teach associates how to cook on five dollars a day. With many parents having children at home and looking for ways to keep them busy, they are providing kids’ story time with a best-selling author. The company also recently launched a company-wide book club that’s led by the VP of Learning, and spa associates are sharing exercise and health routines and tips.


Montage International’s engagement efforts reach beyond associates, too. In March, they launched a social media campaign to reach a wider audience that features their chefs’ recipes to make at home, messages from friends of Montage and Pendry, and more. You can follow along @montagehotels and @pendryhotels.


Pillar 3: Providing Aid + Comfort

Acknowledging that guests are looking for ways to support hospitality companies and the passionately committed associates that create memorable experiences for them, Montage International created the Hearts of Montage Associate Relief Fund. This program allows guests to support Montage Hotels & Resorts and Pendry Hotels & Resorts associates by purchasing Montage Cares and Pendry Cares certificates, where 100% of funds raised go to the relief fund. They’re also distributing family meals and care packages to associates who simply drive up to their hotel and receive a food box to take home.



By focusing on consistent communication, maintaining engagement, providing relief for associates, and putting family first, Montage International is a true inspiration for how to stay connected during hardship. The connectedness of their efforts is not only impactful, it’s strategic, aligned, and demonstrates just how much they care.

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