Danielle Gizzo

Senior Strategist, Employer Brand
New Jersey, USA
Danielle is a Senior Strategist in our Employer Brand practice at exaqueo who has spent her career building holistic consumer brand and product marketing campaign strategies for private and public business sectors across SME and large enterprise/Fortune 500 companies. At exaqueo, she utilizes data and storytelling to humanize the employer brand relationship in her strategy and activation work. Prior to exaqueo, she worked in-house leading Global Brand and Consumer Marketing at AccuWeather, and Private Label Brand Marketing Macy’s. She has drawn learnings from her own lived experiences and marketing background to effectively guide her clients at exaqueo. Her innate ability to connect people and experiences, along with her keen eye for detail and knack for keeping her ear to the ground, has helped her to have the foresight to identify and solve unique business challenges that arise across various organizations to drive efficiencies.
Get to Know Danielle

I am a growth mindset individual who leads with intention and empathy, and have always been fascinated with learning people’s stories.

As a kid, I had the unique privilege to participate in focus groups for some of the world’s leading CPG brands; it was there I became intrigued that my “tween age” self’s opinions had validity to these organizations far beyond my imagination–I was sharing my thoughts and opinions with my focus group participant peers and the people listening through the one-way mirror, with the opportunity to influence copy and creative direction for how these brands positioned themselves to consumers across the globe!

With a career of more than 10 years rooted in branding and marketing, I discovered my desire to serve the employer brand space when I became fueled by the opportunity to partner with other EB practitioners and organizations to influence the future of work and brand the employee experience.

I am an advocate for the destigmatization of mental health, for being curious and asking WHY, as well as coaching and empowering individuals to try and lead them towards personal breakthroughs. 

My energy outside of work is spent with the greatest support system I feel fortunate to have gained throughout my seasons of life. I am always up for a new venture, whether it’s traveling to a city known for a particular cuisine, trying a new holistic wellness method, hiking trail, recipe, or fitness routine. I am certified in trauma-informed yoga, participate as an #IamRemarkable facilitator, and engage in speaking opportunities for Badassery's mission-based community to amplify diverse voices and re-write the script that tries to tell us whose voice matters.


B.S.B.A in Advertising + Graphic Design concentration
Rider University

Industry Experience

AccuWeather, Global Brand Marketing & Consumer Marketing Lead

AccuWeather, Senior Manager, Integrated Marketing

Macy’s Inc., Manager, Brand Marketing Strategy (Private Label Brands)

Macy’s Inc., Associate Manager, Marketing Communications (Private Label Brands)

My First Paycheck

At age 14, my first job was as a cookie decorator and store associate at a cookie gift bouquet company.