Kathleen O'Brien

Brand Consultant
St. Louis, MO, USA
Kathleen is a consultant at exaqueo with over a decade of talent acquisition strategy and marketing experience. As a consultant, she lends her expertise in employer branding and supports internal marketing and operations efforts. During her time as a Principal Employer Brand Strategist on #teamexaqueo, she led and contributed to employer brand engagements for clients in healthcare and hospitality, among others. In addition to her partnership with our clients, she contributed to the development of new innovative models and methodologies to enhance the services we deliver. Her strategic approach, solutions-focused perspective, attention to detail and commitment to quality are just a few of the reasons why our clients and team appreciate Kathleen.
Get to Know Kathleen

For more than a decade, I’ve dedicated my career to talent acquisition and employer brand. From leading recruitment marketing and communications at a F500 multinational corporation to pioneering talent strategy at a high-growth firm, I’ve been known to spearhead new teams and ideas from concept to completion.  I’m often described as innovative, dynamic and driven. I'm a believer in using data to drive decisions and promote continuous improvement. I've been recognized for my expertise and ability to solve complex problems, develop strategic partnerships, manage projects, produce results, and influence change.

From employer brand practitioner to a consultant at exaqueo, I’m now able to perfectly fuse my passion and experience to make a lasting impact on companies across industries and around the world. I enjoy working at the intersection of research, design, and strategy where I can help companies tell their story and bring their work’s meaning to life. Not only is employer brand consulting challenging and meaningful, but I'm lucky enough to do it on an all-star team. It’s truly a dream job, allowing me to thrive personally and professionally. 

Outside of work, I love photography, design, clean beauty and staying active. I’m a wife and mother to two young children close in age. My family is my world and I’m enjoying every moment in my new role in motherhood. You can find me in St. Louis, MO with a (cold) coffee in one hand and two babies in the other, trying not to blink.


BS, Marketing
Virginia Tech

Industry Experience

Scottrade (now TD Ameritrade), Manager of Talent Strategy 

Northrop Grumman,  Manager of Recruitment Marketing and Communications 

Northrop Grumman, Talent Acquisition (various roles)

My First Paycheck

Soccer Referee (at 14 yrs old)