Thursday Lunch Break: Listen to Your Content

Work or work out? That is the question.Ever since I was little, I've been active in some way. I took ballet for 15 years and played lacrosse, field hockey, tennis and softball in school.  As an adult, I've made a failed attempt at marathon training (thanks left knee for the fun surgery) and now practice yoga, play golf, ski, and do strength training. I try to get in some sort of activity every, single day.  

But an hour in the gym or outside can feel really wasted. Even though I know it's good for me I'm always thinking I should be working or learning. (I know, I know.)  So I was intrigued when I heard about Guide. Turning my news into sound? From an avatar? I hate sci-fi (my husband watches Battlestar Gallactica all alone) and quite frankly, it sounded weird. But think about what this means for how we consume content. Crazy right?

So curious what you think. You've got to check this out:

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