At exaqueo, we're obsessive about balancing work with our lives. We work when our clients need us and want us--and we don't have strict rules about vacation or time off.  I should know, I just came back from vacation, and everything had been handled in my absence, (beautifully I might add).  My husband and I took this year's vacation to celebrate our 40th birthdays (and remind ourselves why we'd never want to be 21 again).  

Exciting right? Well, if you watch TV or read the news, you wouldn't think so. Forget celebrating anything. I want to run under a rock and hide while I worry about war/health insurance/debt/climate change/hacking/guns/flag flying/borders/realityTV/what the hell happened to Bill Cosby.

So can hide, but we can't hide our age. When my parents turned 40, they only had to deal with "over the hill" gravestone signs for the neighbors to gawk at. Now Facebook, Twitter and this blog can let everyone know: tomorrow, on August 8th, I'm 40.

So here's the deal. It's simple, I promise:

I'm 40 for good now. And to come out from hiding behind 40, I need your help. Instead of buying me a big present (as I know you were rushing out to do) do me a favor instead:

1. Do something unexpected, something good.

2. Take a picture.

3. Post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (anywhere on the interwebs) with the hashtag #40ForGood.

#40ForGood Suggestions:

  1. Buy someone's groceries in line behind you
  2. Send 10 emails to individual co-workers just thanking them for what they do
  3. Buy three takeout meals and give them to homeless people you pass on the way to work
  4. Go to your local VFW or veterans hall and hand out scratch-off tickets
  5. Take a vacation day at the last minute just to spend time with your kids
  6. Mail a letter to someone you love just saying I love you
  7. Buy a meal for someone in a restaurant and don't tell them who did it
  8. Leave flowers on a neighbors' doorstep with no note
  9. Way overpay at a lemonade stand
  10. Buy ice cream for all the neighborhood kids from the ice cream truck
  11. Tell your kids you're having dessert for dinner and nothing else.
  12. Tell the bartender you're buying a round of drinks for anyone over 40
  13. Drop cookies off at the local police/fire station
  14. Find someone dining solo and ask if they'd like company
  15. Stop by an old folks' home and hand our daisies
  16. Do some combination of the above

Don't forget to share your happiness with #40ForGood. Maybe we can stop talking about Donald and Hillary for a minute and instead talk about something better. Please? 

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