Does Employer Brand Have a Seat at the Table? The Results Are In: Yes, Sort Of…

Last week I wrote about the perennial longing on the part of #EmployerBranding professionals for the proverbial “seat at the table” of power. 

I shared a story of a friend who had done thorough due diligence, research, and analysis in discovering and articulating her firm’s employer brand, only to have the activation claimed by Marketing. This prompted the question to the Employer Branding community: have we really got that “seat”? Or, is it just a mirage?

Almost half of you (48%) said, “Yes”. Which is very encouraging, for one of two reasons. Either you already have your seat and the resources that flow from that. Or, you have the belief that the seat is yours and you’re already unfolding your napkin and getting ready to sit down.

The next largest cohort (40%) answered, “Maybe—Employer Brand has a provisional seat at the table. If we deliver engaged employees, we get to stay.” This would be my vote, too. I believe we are being given the opportunity to prove ourselves and our profession. If we deliver on the promise—which means creating real results for our organizations—we will get to stay because of the value we create.

Some of you (8%) believe our seat at the table is Temporary, that once the current staffing crisis passes or stabilizes, we will be ignored once again. A very plausible scenario.


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