Learning and Growing in 2021

"Commit yourself to lifelong learning. The most valuable asset you'll ever have is your mind and what you put into it."  - Albert Einstein 

Every year exaqueo gives each team member a learning and development benefit to use how they would like. We do this to encourage our team members to continue to grow, learn, and stay up to date on the latest industry trends, so we can share. 

In the spirit of wrapping up 2021, we wanted to share how some of exaqueo’s team members spent their time learning and growing this year! 

Digital Marketing Certification 

“For my 2021 Learning and Development, I put the money toward a Digital Marketing certificate through Cornell University's executive education program. Even though I've worked in and consulted on digital marketing, as it relates to talent attraction, my background is in 20+ years of Human Resources and communications. It was important to me to get an academic foundation and the four classes were informative, engaging, and have already helped me elevate client work.” 

           Shannon Smedstad, Senior Employer Brand Strategist

Storytelling for Influence Course 

“So much of what we do as employer brand researchers and consultants is about telling stories of organizations and people. For me, IDEO U's Storytelling for Influence course was about adding to our toolkit so we can effectively shape and evolve those stories to better connect the information we want to convey with the needs of our audience, our clients. IDEO provided a thoughtful, self-guided educational experience with opportunities to learn in a variety of ways from experts, teaching leads, and fellow participants.” 

           Jackie Wollett, Employer Brand Strategist

“I enjoyed taking the Storytelling for Influence course through IDEO U alongside Jackie. While we both agreed there wasn't any material in the curriculum that was brand new to us, we enjoyed seeing practical examples of how storytelling can be applied to make any content worth listening to.”

           Jazmyn Mijuskovic, Associate Employer Brand Strategist

Local Networking Events

“For my first networking event at exaqueo, Adrienne and I attended Disrupt HR in Charleston, SC. Disrupt HR is an event held in cities all over the world to empower and energize people in the HR field and to exchange ideas with others in your community. I was impressed that each speaker had a hard five-minute stop on their presentations and I hope to one day be a speaker at the Charleston event myself.” 

           Jordan Dunlap, Growth and Marketing Coordinator

“It felt so great to be back in person for these engaging and fast-paced presentations. The crew at Catch Talent does a wonderful job sourcing speakers and this first session back did not disappoint! We heard from Jessica Brewer, Ben Fanning, and Bernadette Palumbo from Sonepar just to name a few.  The past two years have been challenging for many organizations and as we all continue to re-evaluate, educate, and strengthen our lives, both inside and outside of work, hearing different perspectives is so valuable to drive strategic decision making and planning. Just like a good book, the stories that unfold from organizations and employees leave my mind wanting more.”   

           Adrienne Betenbaugh, Director of Growth and Marketing


“In a world where we are so busy in all aspects of our lives, it’s hard to make time for ourselves, our brains, and our ambitions. Sharing how we’re learning at exaqueo will hopefully inspire others to fill their intellectual cups in the coming year!”

           Susan LaMotte, Founder + CEO of exaqueo

We are thankful to have the opportunity to continue our education in a variety of ways during the course of the year. We are so proud of what our team has accomplished and we can’t wait to learn more in 2022 and beyond! 

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