Reimagining Diversity and Inclusion Annual Reports: Making Employee Voices Heard

An Inside Look at a Current Client Engagement  

In the world of corporate communication, annual reports on diversity and Inclusion (D&I) play a crucial role in showcasing a company’s commitment to a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable workplace. For the North American business unit of a global automotive company, this marks the second year we, at exaqueo, have partnered with their D&I team to develop this essential report.

Feedback from previous reports indicated a need for change. Employees found the reports overwhelming with information overload and dense content. They craved a more relatable and engaging format, featuring more voices from associates and local employees rather than just corporate executives.

Our Approach: Making Reports More Snackable

This year, our Consulting and Experience practice areas collaborated closely with the client to reimagine the D&I report. How can we deliver what the company needs to share while truly listening (and applying) employee feedback? 

Here are the key innovations and best practices we incorporated: 

  1. Snackable Content: We streamlined the report to make it easier to read and digest. Employees can quickly grasp key points without feeling overwhelmed by breaking down the information into smaller, bite-sized pieces.
  2. Authentic Employer Brand Messaging: We ensured that the employer brand messaging was seamlessly integrated throughout the report, connecting it to the authentic employment experience within the company.
  3. Interactive Features: To enhance engagement, we introduced interactive navigation and call-to-action boxes, encouraging employees to interact with the content rather than passively reading it.
  4. Employee Stories: We highlighted personal stories from employees across various functions, showcasing real-life examples of the company’s D&I efforts. This approach not only adds a human touch but also demonstrates the tangible impact of the company’s initiatives.
  5. Measuring Impact: Lastly, we implemented tools to measure how the report influences perceptions of the company, both as an employer and in terms of consumer behavior. This data-driven approach helps in refining future reports and strategies.

Annual Report Top Tips for DEI Leaders

For DEI, internal communications, corporate affairs, and employer brand leaders looking to improve their own diversity and inclusion reports, consider these tips:

  • Simplify Your Message: Break down complex information into digestible chunks.
  • Showcase Real Stories: Highlight personal stories from employees to make the report relatable. Move from tell to show.
  • Engage with Interactive Elements: Use interactive features to encourage engagement.
  • Measure Perception: Implement metrics to gauge the report’s impact on employee and consumer perceptions.

By embracing these strategies, our client is set to deliver a more engaging, relatable, and impactful report. Our vision is that more people will read it, share it, and talk about it. This year’s approach not only addresses past feedback, which is vital, but also pushes our collective, critical, and creative thinking to become better communicators and ambassadors of DEI.

Are you ready to reimagine your annual reports? Struggling to get engagement with CSR, DEI, ESG, or other annual reports? Our team of designers, data visualizers, writers, and consultants are here to take that off your plate and help. Everything starts with a conversation and we’d love to hear from you

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