The Employer Brands We Love and People Who Inspire #EBLove

Working in the employer brand industry has come a long way since Simon Barrow first coined the term “employer brand” in 1996. Today’s employer brand professionals are adept strategists and communicators dedicated to helping people understand the meaning of work. On February 13, 2020, Stories Incorporated, along with the exaqueo team, hosted the #EBLove Twitter chat to bring this growing community of professionals together. 

Employer Brands We Love 

Whether it’s because of the employee stories and highlighting accomplishments of people, brand adoption of employer brand hashtags, consistency in bringing the brand to life, or the authentic employee imagery, here are the employer brands the #EBLove participants love the most. 


@KohlsCareers, #LifeatKohls






American Airlines 

Employer Brand Pros to Follow 

Looking for people to follow on Twitter who know a thing or two about employer brand and recruitment marketing? From the #EBLove chat, here is a list of people and agencies to consider following. 






































Where We’d Love Employer Brand to Go in the Future 

We asked participants to share where they want to see employer brand go in the future. Some of the hopes, dreams, and predictions include: 

I’d love to see the #employerbrand industry to focus (more) on improving the #candidateExperience from the perspective of the candidate, not just recruiting + HR.
An increased focus on #diversity and #inclusion in #employerbrand today and every day in the future! #EBLove #diversityandinclusion
My hope for the future is that more companies make their #employees & #employerbrand their top priority. People are priceless! #culture #EBLove
 I'd love to see the #employerbrand industry use real employees in content all the time! Leave the actors to the movie screen and the stock photos to the interwebs :) #EBLove
I'd love to see employer brand strategy underpin all of our People/Talent strategies. The tech we choose, the words we use, the initiatives we roll out ... all connecting back to a brand that's authentic + grounded in research because we listen to + value people.
Continuing to evolve, based on research, and be as well known as "consumer brand" 😉 #EBLove
I'd be excited to see #employerbranding a household name (less explaining to friends what we do!). #EBLOVE
I hope it heads towards more partnerships for #HR with marketing + communications teams—a bigger platform to showcase the value of #employerbranding to an organization. #EBLove

A quick “thank you” to everyone who joined us during the chat and shared the #EBLove after! We continued to be inspired by and are still learning from so many people — around the world and across industries. If employer brand is a field that interests you and you’d love to learn more about it, check out this post on how to learn the trade and grow professionally.

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