Work With Meaning


In the Fall of 2011, I coined the term 'exaqueo,' to try to put a name to what I thought could be done. Even though the term 'employer brand' had been coined in the late 90s, most organizations' employer brands seemed the same. All promising unlimited opportunity and a unique culture. But there was nothing unique about the brands. exaqueo, which loosely translates to: "on equal footing" in Latin reminds us that we all start in the same place. We all have the same chance to recruit and retain talent who will thrive in our organizations. It's how we set ourselves apart that makes the difference.

In the past eight years, a team of exceptionally smart people have joined this mission, united by the importance of what we do and an incredible passion for doing it.

See, we believe work matters. It puts food on your table, opportunity on your doorstep, and brings meaning to your every day. Organizations are powered by people. And when we find a workplace where we can thrive, we go all in. We work hard. We’re committed. And our organizations see results. And that drives everything we do.

Since we embarked on this mission, we've been privileged to find clients who feel the way we do. They're not just recruiters, or branders, or HR people. They're putting people to work. And that really matters.


It's not just about sexy creative or the coolest website (though that describes the results of some of what we do). It's about why we're here. And we want to make that clear to everyone. As a result, we're excited to share the evolution of our brand identity via You'll see a new logo reflective of our laser focus on employer brand with a subtle reminder (the orange circle) of the importance of being authentic in your employer brand. And you'll see a completely new website that not only helps you understand how we feel about what we do, but it also shares the perspective of our clients and why they choose us.

I've been there. I've hired agencies, vendors, and partners. And the right relationship is everything. We want you to get a true glimpse into what it's like to have exaqueo on your side, as your partner. And what makes our partnership with you unique.


We're excited to celebrate our new brand identity and the steadfastness of our passion and commitment to employer brand. But now, it's back to our clients and back to work. Back to helping them uncover their own authentic combination of strengths and realities. Back to supporting their own brand of work. Back to our passion as we know and live it every day. After all, we work with meaning.

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