You Don't Know Recruiting

I'm back at it again on HRExaminer, this time with the fabulous Lars Schmidt, director of talent acquisition for NPR. Lars and I were talking about how hard it is to be in-house with companies while so many consultants, headhunters and others look inward and wonder "why can't they do more" and "they can't source and recruit like we can."Other times, we're just jealous that we can't be as public or open as we'd like. And we can't spend as much time as we want to on Twitter, blogging, and commenting. After all, we have allegiance (and paychecks) from visible organizations with valuable brands. And we can't risk it. So we took a hard look at the life of an in-house talent acquisition or recruiting leader. And we have some, um, honest? upfront? clear? lessons to share. Hop on over to HRExaminer and check out: You Don't Know Recruiting.

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