Talent and HR News Roundup: Building Your Team Edition

Talent and HR News Roundup: Building Your Team Edition

Startups and high-growth companies always struggle when they hit the bumps in the road recruiting and managing talent.  Part of the challenge is that most founders aren't experts in people and human capital management. Like finance, sales and product development, managing the strategy for a growing team is a specific area of expertise. In this week's news roundup we focus on some great articles about building your team, steps to avoid and the perspective of the job seeker.

1) Zynga Layoffs: What Happens When Startups Grow Too Fast at Entrepreneur:

It's tempting to move quickly and grow fast. After all, you have products and services to push. And let's be honest -- you need to make money.  The first default might be to hire, hire, hire. But expanding your workforce too quickly can have negative consequences.

2) Edward Snowden: No Degree, Lied on His Resume, Promptly Hired for $122K a Year... at The HR Capitalist:

When you're growing quickly, it's easy to bypass steps that take extra time and take bigger risks. But when it comes to talent, bypassing background checks or thinking employment law doesn't apply to you is a huge mistake -- one that even big companies make.

3) The Secret to Building Dream Teams at Talent Management:

Just like job seekers think if they talk, they can interview, managers and startup leaders think hiring is as simple as asking a few questions. It's actually more of a science than you think and the bigger you grow, the more important it is.

4) 3 Steps to Negotiating a Startup Job Offer at The Daily Muse:

If you're trying to figure out how to convince that perfect candidate to join your company, get in their head. What are they thinking about when deciphering and negotiating the offer?

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