Talent and HR News Weekly Roundup: Biggest Recruitment Challenges

Building a candidate pipeline? Recruiting on campus? Or finding someone who is the right fit for expansive growth? These are not easy recruitment tasks. Recruitment can be quite challenging and expensive. Here is a roundup of helpful articles to tackle some of the biggest recruitment challenges. 1) 50 Startup Founders Share Their Biggest Hiring Challenges  from SmartRecruiters

“'In the early, scrappy days of a startup when you have very limited time/resources, you need to strike a great balance between hiring someone for position-need versus hiring someone that’s great regardless of position. If you’re stuck with the position in mind, you may be building a team for near-term need rather than superstar people. But if you’re not practical about growing, you may never get anything done and it’ll never really matter.' -Founder & CEO Daniel Ha, Disqus"

2) Recruit the Best Candidates by Nurturing Your Pipeline from BrazenCareerist

"For those of you new to recruiting (or who’ve been trying to cut the mustard as a recruiter), a pipeline is your go-to, steady stream of viable candidates. It’s made up of people you’ve met who made you pause and think, 'Wow. This person would be great at my organization someday, somehow. I have to stay in touch with them.'”

3) The Biggest Recruitment Challenges Companies Face in 2014: An Interview with PayScale from Social-Hire.com

"Recruiting is one of those careers that’s just bound to have its own unique challenges. After all, we do work with the very complex issues surrounding people and how they fit into the business world. No two days are ever the same, and issues come up that are impossible to predict. There are also constant changes in terms of technology that shake up the way recruiters do things, adding to the mix. However, there is nothing more exhilarating than finding the right person for the right client. This is what recruiting is all about."

4) Recruit Like Warren Buffet Invests! from Top Recruiter Tips

"Whether one is recruiting loan officers, computer programmers, engineers, or CEOs, sound, simple strategies always produce desirable results. Warren Buffett has become an investment icon by using what he calls a value investing strategy.  Specifically he advises followers to focus on what an investment will produce. This is wise advice for recruiters as well."

5) 5 Campus Recruitment Tips for Corporate from The Economic Times

"Companies generally tend to send their HR team to recruit, but HR is just an enabler. The real team in which the employees will work should reach out for recruitment. The candidates should be provided a chance to have a candid discussion with the team they are actually going to work for and with. It is the imperative of the company to train their employees for conducting such sessions during the recruitment process."

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