Talent and HR News Weekly Roundup: Sourcing and Recruiting Technical Talent

In today's world, technical talent is essential. And finding and keeping this type of talent is tough. There are only so many people with the right skills, and it's an incredibly competitive environment. For this week's roundup, we share some great finds about sourcing and recruiting technical talent. 1) How to Source Tech Talent in 5 Easy Steps from Undercover Recruiter

"Candidates can be easy to find, but you have to be willing to take part in the communities where they can be found. Places such as Github and Stack Overflow are good places to start, and can be extremely useful to SEE what candidates can do, instead of just reading about their potential. If you know where to look, and how to find people, you can find them – but make sure you build up a name for yourself first."

2) Nadella: Proud that India's a Source of Global Tech Talent from NewsPost

"In an exclusive interview with TOI — the first with an Indian newspaper or TV channel since his ascension to the post of CEO in February — Nadella insisted that software is "one of the most valuable, malleable resources" of the organization and that his primary objective as Microsoft chief would be to deliver software-driven advanced innovations that would help enrich customer experience. "I want to see us remain convinced that software matters in the future," the Hyderabad-born 46-year-old said, reiterating his "incredible focus" on offering Microsoft customers what they really value and enable them to do more in work, life and play."

3) Double Your Talent Acquisition: Five Do's and Don'ts For Technical Recruiters from Nathan LeClare

"Like it or not, there are a lot of companies competing for technical talent right now and it’s hard to differentiate yourself. But you may be making mistakes that could be avoided, and overlooking things that could be used to help improve your conversion rate. How would you like to source more talent, make your clients and recruits happier, and generally recruit like a boss?"

4) Utah – A Growing Hub for Tech Talent from Gild

"You’ve heard of Silicon Valley, but have you heard about the thriving tech community in Utah? Gild co-hosted an event in February with Dojo Dev Camp in Salt Lake City to discuss the state of the developer community in Utah, including what needs to be done in 2014 to stay ahead of the innovation curve."

5) 5 Reasons Good Software Engineers Quit from Inc.

"Any Silicon Valley hiring manager will tell you that engineering talent is rare and valuable. And we all know the true cost of turnover is far greater than your balance sheet may suggest. So it stands to reason that you should understand why your top technical hires are most likely to leave."

6) In IT Recruiting, Don’t Neglect Retention from Contemporary Staffing Solutions

"If you’ve started recruiting for employees for information technology positions, you’ve probably realized how difficult it can be, and how much money and time the task can take from you. That’s why when you’re looking for a new employee, you should give some serious thought to retention so that you don’t have to start the entire process over again if they decide they aren’t happy working in your office."

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