Talent and HR News Weekly Roundup: How to Engage Employees

Everyone has heard of the nebulous term "engagement" when it comes to employees. We all know that engagement is relatively low across the board, so now what? You want to jump to action and bring that engagement level up. Below are some articles on how to engage employees and take this vague term and turn it into tangible action.

1) Recognize, Reward And Engage Your Multi-Generational Workforce from Forbes

"Many leaders and HR pros are struggling to find a way to make multi-generational workforces mesh and be productive. The chatter is all about the changing workforce and managing generational “differences” or as I prefer to say “nuances”...When will we finally be ready to walk the walk (less talk, more action already) about bringing people together?"

2) When Work Is Awesome, Employees Are Engaged from Employment Services

"While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to sparking engagement within your company, the steps you can take to promote it are simple enough. It requires a emoting an understanding and caring attitude toward your workforce. Connect with them. Motivate them. Congratulate them. Brush up on the 10 Easy Ways to Reward Your Top Employees and incorporate at least three of these strategies into your workplace. Empower your workforce. Consider how to increase employee retention by implementing programs that help you promote from within or incentivize high performance."

3) Engage and retain staff in 2014 and beyond from HR Zone

"It’s a common misconception that an individual’s performance at work is based solely on just their capability. Whilst possessing the right skills and abilities is important, in today’s competitive business world, it is based on so much more than this.  The silent threat of ghost turnover - The period of economic recession played host to a stagnanting pool of talent. Suffering from uncompetitive reward and constrained training and development budgets, staff stayed in their current roles, not because of job satisfaction but because of job security. This is known as ‘ghost turnover’ – employees who want to leave their current jobs but can’t due to a lack of alternative or secure opportunities."

4) Are Your Employees Truly Engaged? You May Be Surprised by the Truth from Who's Your Gladys?

"When employee engagement is down, internal customer service is missing. Today we’re sharing ten shocking statistics about employee engagement – a vital infographic for leaders committed to service excellence inside the company and out. As you read through these stats, consider how you’re currently engaging your staff and how you could amp it up."

5) Why Companies Fail to Engage Today's Workforce: The Overwhelmed Employee from GrowFL

"This is a worldwide issue. Gallup research shows that only 13% of employees around the world are actively engaged at work, and more than twice that number are so disengaged they are likely to spread negativity to others. As one HR manager put it, “today employees don’t want a career, they want an experience.” Look at some of the statistics. Nearly 40% of the US workforce now works part time. Baby boomers who lost their jobs are often out of work for 18-24 months. Millennials want more creative jobs and they want to work for startups (or for themselves). And everyone wants work to be easier, less punishing, and more meaningful."

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