A Look Back at 2016: The Best of Team exaqueo

Looking back over the year is a time to ponder accomplishments as well as opportunities both taken and missed. It provides gratification on all we’ve done and perspective on how to shape what’s next. At exaqueo, 2016 was a milestone year filled with change, growth, travel and excitement. 

We relocated our headquarters from Washington, D.C. to Charleston, SC. Two exceptional employer brand practitioners joined our growing team, and employerbrandjobs.com and the Employer Brand Community Group enhanced our industry. We strengthened our partnership with our UK-based creative agency, Groupbrand. And, we even evacuated a hurricane!

As we look back and reflect, we want to share with you some of our most thought-provoking insights and articles. And, as we look ahead, we hope you’ll continue on this employer brand journey with us by:

Most Read Posts from the exaqueo Blog in 2016

  1. Where the Heineken Go Places Ad Went Wrong
  2. It’s OK Not to Be a Technical Recruiter
  3. Employees Are Human Beings and So Are You
  4. Candidate Personas - Hiring Through Hearts and Minds
  5. Career Resources for Veterans and the Recruiters Who Hire Them
  6. The Employer Brand Mistakes You’re Making with Employer Review Sites
  7. Mining for Gold - Turning the Resume Upside Down
  8. The Employer Branding Debate - Who Owns It?
  9. 3 Consumer Marketing Lessons for Every Employer Brand Leader

5 Top Perspectives in the Press

How Communications Tools Change the Workplace:  On NPR's Marketplace, Susan, our CEO is interviewed about the importance of communication tools and changes in the workplace.

Forget Mental Health Days, Me Time Comes to the Office: the Wall Street Journal features Susan's insights on branding PTO.

Rethinking EVP and Employer Brand: Reset Your Approach: Susan's new take on rethinking Employer Brand on LinkedIn.

The line between contractor and employee is a fuzzy one: exaqueo's CEO discusses this burgeoning issue on Marketplace on NPR.

The 1099 Economy is Booming: our CEO shares her take on what's behind it and what companies can learn in Forbes.

Some people say you shouldn’t look back because it distracts from the now. We’re not sure who those people are, for we see value in reflecting on what was. But rest assured, we’re certainly excited (and curious) about what the future holds for employer branding.

Thank you, 2016.

Now, bring it 2017!

Shannon Smedstad (@shannonsmedstad) is a Lead Consultant & Project Manager for exaqueo, a workforce consultancy that helps organizations build their cultures, employer brands and talent strategies. Contact exaqueo to learn more about our employer brand innovation, workforce research and recruiting strategy offerings.

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