Employer Brand Blog - A Year in Review

As 2021 comes to a close, let’s take some time to look back on the past year. Employment trends during 2021 challenged the Employer Brand space to rethink, reform, and redefine how we go about attracting and retaining top talent. The exaqueo blog is a space where our team shares, informs, and engages with colleagues, clients, and friends alike. Our team wrote many educational, industry-leading blog posts this year so we’ve featured our top three most read blog posts of 2021 here. 

1. Beyond EVP: The Future of Employer Brand 

The past two years have only accelerated the fact that employment is no longer a simple exchange of pay and benefits for work. When we brand and market employment as a contract, we ignore the importance of the complex relationship employees have with work. It's time to evolve beyond EVP.

“Human resource, talent, and employer brand leaders should no longer sell a value proposition based on a singular relationship between the employee and employer and instead focus on branding and marketing the true employment relationship,” writes Susan LaMotte, founder and CEO of exaqueo. 

Click here to read more about how exaqueo is moving beyond EVP. 

2. 4 Important Ways to Bring Employer Brand + Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Together #DEI 

Employer brand and DEI should co-exist at every turn, not exist in separate silos. Now, more than ever, employer brand professionals need to see these functions as two threads in the same fabric. 

“I firmly believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion need to be embedded in the business strategy in order for it to be prioritized in a company and become a holistic, sustainable strategy as opposed to just in time programs,” advises Nina Madoo, exaqueo’s DEI consultant who has advised organizations such as Boeing and Hilton on their diversity and inclusion strategies. “If embedded in the business strategy, it cascades to the talent management and employer brand strategy. When that happens, business leaders and hiring managers are held accountable, there are targets and metrics in place, HR policies are disrupting bias and leaders ensure management engagement.”

How has the employment experience changed? What do employees and candidates expect? Click here to find out.

3. How Red Wing Shoe Company Is Redefining Workplace Flexibility in Manufacturing

Red Wing Shoe Company is forging a new path, offering a highly flexible work relationship, in order to respond to what people are wanting from work and life. 

“This is a shift in the manufacturing mindset. By getting creative, we’re hoping to attract people who might not otherwise be able to work a 40-hour per week shift,” says Laurie Groteboer, Director of Talent Acquisition at Red Wing Shoe Company. “By partnering with our manufacturing leaders, we believe these part-time shifts will appeal to more workers, such as working mothers and fathers who want work hours that align with the school day, college students looking for weekend work, or retirees who are looking to stay busy.”

Click here to read more about Red Wing Shoe Company’s innovative “Hyflex” program. 

We thoroughly enjoy sharing our blog posts with you and we look forward to continuing to grow, share and create in 2022. Cheers! 

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