Find Your Employer Brand Lessons Learned #TAWeek

If ever there were a time to look for the silver lining, it's now. In such a tumultuous year, employer brand leaders are looking for every sign of growth and positivity possible. Whether you're in a thriving sector or a struggling industry, the past 12 months have been a learning curve in many ways.

While we still can't gather in-person for conferences and events, learning isn't postponed. This is especially true at next week's Global Talent Acquisition Week, where lessons learned and looks ahead will be on full display. While we may be saddled with home-schooling and video call struggles, there's never been a more important time to pause, reflect on the challenges, and dig deep to focus on what we can do better instead of what went wrong.

This year's agenda includes: exaqueo's Alyssa Bani and Inspire Brands' Courtney Reun. For Courtney, working from home with two small children, while daycare and preschool were closed, brought about many challenges. But, she also had one of her most impactful years as an employer brand leader—building an employer brand from the ground up and navigating change through an acquisition.

Among her lessons: "Being able to get in front of leadership to share accomplishments, backed by data, has been a game changer and has helped me get key initiatives off the ground."

The balance of inputs and output are essential for an employer brand. You can't build without real, employee insights and you can't measure without the data on the flip side. This is true, no matter how the past 12 months have affected your brand. It's never been a better time to ask employees how they're feeling and what they expect from their employers. That's where many of your biggest lessons may begin!

Also on the agenda is Erin Maxin from EY on "Tackling the Challenges and Overcoming Obstacles That COVID has Put In Front of the TA Community." Long a leader in employer brand, EY also recently shared "21 ways to build a better working world in 2021," including putting people at the center.

I wouldn't miss the dream team of Alison Kruse and Chloé Rada on brand activation. When it comes to launching and managing your brand in this new world of work, business as usual no longer applies. You have to consider who shares your content, when, and how. And when many leaders are scrambling for resources right now, advice to make activation more cost efficient is always welcome.

Whatever sessions you choose, make it a real week of learning. Turn off the email—listen, focus, and make a list of what you'll do next. After all, a renewed focus requires indulging in your own professional growth and development. While you may still be stuck behind a screen, you can get out of your rut.

What sessions are on your agenda? Share your thoughts and learnings below!

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