Insight Gained and Connections Made Virtually at EBrandCon and SRSC

At the end of July, the exaqueo team attended, presented, and partnered with Employer Brand Strategies and Social Recruiting Strategies Conferences for their first, ever virtual event. The event was full of industry experts and thought leaders providing deep insight into employer value proposition, candidate experience, and emerging recruitment marketing technology and trends.

From the comfort of home, attendees were able to participate in sessions and engage with speakers through Zoom. In addition to the real-time Q&A chat during the sessions, attendees networked in the interactive exhibit hall and community room. Many attendees also turned to social media to further the conference experience by posting on Twitter and connecting on LinkedIn with speakers and other attendees.

As we shared in our previous blog post prior to EBrandCon and SRSC, our exaqueo founder and CEO Susan LaMotte and senior employer brand strategist Emily Fritz both spoke at the conference. In Susan’s keynote, she shared her thoughts on shifting your employer brand so that it is more impactful through the use of empathy. After Susan’s keynote, Emily presented with exaqueo client, GDIT’s Director of Digital and Talent Marketing Angela Huber. They shared how GDIT differentiated themselves with an employer brand built from research. On the final day, Susan also participated in a panel discussion with employer brand industry leaders Gerry Crispin, Charlotte Marshall, and Craig Fisher about pivoting in a post-COVID recruitment marketing world.  

If you missed this informative three-day virtual event, we pulled together some of the tweets from the conference to give you insight into what was shared:

Organizations need to stop trying to be like everyone else. Start looking inward, find out what's unique about you + own it rather than trying to copy what everyone else is doing. —  @SusanLaMotte #EBrandCon #EmployerBrand
Stop saying yes to CEOs. Our job in #HR is not to be reactive. Our job is to advise, not just react. — @SusanLaMotte #EBrandCon
No one accepts a story that ends with "and we all lived happily ever after." — @Charlotte_Co  #EBrandCon
Organizations are so interested in solving the problem of getting more #diverse people but we need to step back + ask how did the problem occur and better understand the roots of the problem. — @SusanLaMotte #EBrandCon #BlackLivesMatter #HR
The relationship with the company and employee is shifting. — @SusanLaMotte #employerbrand #EBrandCon #SRSC
#HR has such an ego in the employment relationship. Even in response to some of the things happening in the world, we're not thinking what our #employees need, we're thinking about what our company needs. — @SusanLaMotte  #EBrandCon
You want the #candidateexperience to be a seamless transition into the employee experience. You can't sell them one thing only for them to experience something different on day one. — Angela Huber @GDIT #EBrandCon #SRSC

Bringing the @GDIT #employerbrand to life was all about focusing on real-life GDIT #employees. It's reflected in the messaging + the creative. — @Social_Em #EBrandCon #OpportunityOwned
Qualitative + quantitative data are key to #employerbrand research, especially qualitative. That's because qualitative data unearths insights that #bigdata simply cannot. — @Social_Em #EBrandCon #SRSC
One of my favorite things about building #employerbrands is talking with #employees + hearing authentic insights about the employment experience. Research is key!! #EBrandCon #SRSC
#Employees need to believe in the #employerbrand in order for it to be successful. — Angela Huber @GDIT #EBrandCon #SRSC
Leadership buy-in and involving leaders in building your #employerbrand is key to success!! #EBrandCon #SRSC
Why work with an #employerbrand agency? They understand EB better than consumer brands + it ensures there is differentiation between your consumer + employer brands! — Angela Huber @GDIT #EBrandCon #SRSC
One of the keys to @GDIT's success in building their #employerbrand — starting with research! — @Social_Em #EBrandCon #SRSC
Look at your #employees, empathize with them. How can you tell their stories and marry those with the #data? — @SusanLaMotte #EBrandCon #SRSC
#Storytelling means an actual story. Bring the emotion and the situation together to give a real sense of what the #work experience will be like. — @SusanLaMotte #EBrandCon #SRSC
There is no single source of hire!! There are 8-10 different influences on the way to that last click. You need to pay attention to all of the sources of influence. — @SusanLaMotte #EBrandCon #SRSC
Why are organizations still measuring #sourceofhire? Because that's all ATS' measure and we are too cheap and lazy and pressed for time to get more and better data! — @SusanLaMotte #EBrandCon
#Employees are more than work. So why does #HR only collect data from the time employees come to #work to the time they leave? — @SusanLaMotte #EBrandCon #SRSC
Are you telling a story with your #data or are you just sharing information? — @SusanLaMotte #SRSC #EBrandCon
#Data points alone cannot tell the story. You have to look at data over time and revisit data to see if it's been revised. — @SusanLaMotte #SRSC #EBrandCon
When you're using data, you need to put it together to tell the story of why #employerbrand is important. — @SusanLaMotte #SRSC #EBrandCon
We're so focused on data + numbers in #HR today, that it's easy to forget we are employing human beings. — @SusanLaMotte  #SRSC #EBrandCon
The #HR field is rooted in empathy, people are crucial to the success of an organization. — @SusanLaMotte #EBrandCon #SRSC

If you attended #EBrandCon or #SRSC we’d love to hear your thoughts on the conference and the sessions featuring our exaqueo team members. Post a comment below with your feedback!

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